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Digest for Sunday, January 19, 2020

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Call for Nominations, Householder Prize
EoCoE webinar on PSBLAS 3.6
New Book, Interpolatory Methods for Model Reduction
Georgia Scientific Computing Symposium, USA, Feb 2020
Mathematical Modeling for Complex Systems (Paul Van Dooren), Morocco, Apr 2020
Parallel and Distributed Scientific and Engineering Computing, USA, May 2020
ESCO 2020, Czech Republic, Jun 2020
Parallel in Time Integration (PinT 2020), USA, Jun 2020
Gene Golub SIAM Summer School, South Africa, Jul 2020
MOPTA 2020 Competition and Conference, USA, Aug 2020
Applied Mathematics and Scientific Computing, Croatia, Sep 2020
Technical Software Developer Position, Accelerated Computing
Faculty Position,  Optimization, ENSTA Paris
Assistant Professor Position, High-Performance Computing, Trinity College Dublin
Several Positions, Computer Science, Math/Optimization, Stat, UBC
Research Associate Position, Analytical and Computational Modeling, USA
Postdoc Position, Computational Science, CCMC, Lugano
Postdoc Position, Parallel sparse linear solvers
Postdoc Position, TU Wien
PhD Position, School of Mathematics, Trinity College Dublin
PhD Positions, Mathematics for AI
PhD Positions, Paul Scherrer Institut and ETH Zurich
Contents, Mathematical Modelling and Analysis, 25 (1)

Digest for Sunday, January 12, 2020

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2019 Babuska Prize Awarded
STRUCTAPP2020, Italy, Jan 2020
Workshop Celebrating Chris Budd, UK, Mar 2020
Deadline extension, UKACM Conference, UK, Apr 2020
Rising Stars in Computational and Data Sciences, USA, Apr 2020
Computational Methods and Applications in Engineering, USA, May 2020
Eigenvalue Problems and Related Topics, China, May-Jun 2020
Deadline Extended, IHPCES 2020, The Netherlands, Jun 2020
Fractional-Derivative Conference, China, Jun 2020
Numerical Linear Algebra and Optimization, UK, Jun 2020
Parallel Time Integration Summer School, USA, Jun 2020
Deadline Extended, Logistics and SCM Systems, Poland, Jul 2020
IMACS World Congress (IMACS2020), Italy, Oct 2020Â 
Numerical Positions, ML and Arm Performance Libraries, Arm 
Staff Member Position, Computational Solid Mechanics, Sandia National Labs
Postdoc Positions, KAUST and RWTH
PhD Position, Computational Systems Biology, Univ of Memphis
PhD Position, Linear Algebra Compiler, Umea Univ, Sweden
PhD Position, Numerical Analysis, TU Dortmund Univ
PhD Position, Univ of Erlangen Nuremberg
PhD Positions, Scuola Normale Superiore, Pisa, Italy
PhD Positions, Stochastic Analysis in Interaction
Contents, Computational Methods in Applied Mathematics, 2020(1)
Contents, Constructive Approximation, 51 (1)

Digest for Sunday, January 5, 2020

In this digest:

Gene Golub's thesis now online
SIAM Southeastern Atlantic Section Conference, USA, Mar 2020
Numerical Solution of Fractional DEs: Sozopol, Bulgaria, Jun 2020
Advances in Computational Relativity, ICERM, Fall 2020
Deadline Extension, System Modelling and Optimization, Ecuador, Sep 2020
Intelligent Computing & Optimization, Thailand, Oct 2020
Professor/Associate /Assistant Positions, Computer Science, HKBU
Postdoc Position, Brazil
Postdoc Position, CS/ECE, Univ of California, Davis
Postdoc Positions, Applied Mathematics, Univ of Göttingen
Postdoc Positions, Rice Univ
PhD Positions, Givens Associate Program, Argonne

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