SPEC Benchmark CFP92 Summary

SPECfp92 (Volume 8, Issue 1, September 1996)

Digital Equipment Corporation

Digital AlphaServer 2100A 5/300

                      SPEC-     SPEC-     SPEC-     SPEC- 
                       fp92      base      fp92      base 
   Benchmark name Time(Sec) Time(Sec) SPECratio SPECratio 
   -------------- --------- --------- --------- --------- 
   013.spice2g6        99.4     114.6     241.4     209.4 
   015.doduc            4.8       5.3     387.5     350.9 
   034.mdljdp2         15.7      19.9     451.6     356.3 
   039.wave5           12.9      13.7     286.8     270.1 
   047.tomcatv          4.4       4.8     602.3     552.1 
   048.ora             20.6      20.7     360.2     358.5 
   052.alvinn           9.5      11.4     809.5     674.6 
   056.ear             20.6      23.0    1237.9    1108.7 
   077.mdljsp2         14.3      15.9     234.3     210.7 
   078.swm256          33.1      38.1     383.7     333.3 
   089.su2cor          20.0      20.6     645.0     626.2 
   090.hydro2d         27.5      30.5     498.2     449.2 
   093.nasa7           26.0      36.4     646.2     461.5 
   094.fpppp           14.2      16.5     647.9     557.6 

Geometric Mean:
SPECfp92: 477.3
SPECbase_fp92: 420.0

Model Number: Digital AlphaServer 2100A 5/300
CPU: 291MHz 21164
FPU: Integrated
Number of CPUs: 1
Primary Cache: 8KBI+8KBD on chip
Secondary Cache: 96KB(I+D) on chip
Other Cache: 4MB(I+D) off chip
Memory: 512MB
Disk Subsystem: 2GB(SCSI)
Other Hardware: None
O/S & Version: Digital Unix V3.2C Rev 148
Compilers & Version: DEC C V5.0-106
DEC Fortran V3.8
Other Software: KAPF V2.1, KAPC V2.1
File System Type: UFS
System State: Multi-user

Hardware Availability: Jan-96
Software Availability: Dec-95

License #: 2
Tested : Oct-95
By: Digital
Of: Nashua, NH

SPECbase_fp92 Tuning Parameters/Notes/Summary Of Changes:
Fortran: kf77 -fast -fkapa='-ag=a' -non_shared -om
C: cc -O4 -migrate
Portability Flags: 013: -DUNDERBAR -T 0400000 -D 0800000 -lm src.alt/unix/c.axp src.alt/v01.f.axp
093: -DUNDERBAR -lm

SPECfp92 Tuning Parameters/Notes/Summary Of Changes:
All: -non_shared -fast All f77: -om 013:f77 -O5 -tune ev5 -speculate all -gen_feedback -feedback spice2g6.fb -WL,-om_compress_lita -WL, -om_Gcommon,
1000-WL, -om_no_align_labels speculate.a -inline size -automatic -lexc 015:f77 -tune ev5 -automatic -gen_feedback -feedback doduc.fb -speculate all
speculate.a -WL, -om_no_align_labels -WL, -om_Gcommon, 1000 034:f77 -O5 -tune ev5 -gen_feedback -feedback mdljdp2.fb -speculate all speculate.a
-lexc 039:kf77 -O5 -fkapa='-ag=a -ur2=320 -nat' -tune ev5 -om 047:kf77 - tune ev5 -fkapa='ag=a -nat' -O5 048:kf77 -fkapa='ag=a -nat' -O5 -tune ev5 -lm 052:kcc
-ckapa='-stdio -ur=15 -ur2=320 -arl=4 -nat' -migrate -O5 -g0 -vaxc -ansi_alias -inline all -D__KAP -unsigned -assume aligned_objects -assume noacc -D_FASTMATH
-float -om 056:cc -O5 -migrate -tune ev5 -dfabs=__FABS -Dunix -vaxc -ansi_alias -ifo -D__UNIX_SETJMP -unsigned -assume aligned_objects -assume noacc
-float -Wf -inline, all -unroll 7 -lsys5 077:f77 -tune ev5 -O5 -automatic -gen_feedback -feedback mdljsp2.fb -speculate all speculate.a -automatic -WL, -om_dead_code
-WL -om_no_align_labels -WL, -om_Gcommon,1000 -lexc 078:kf77 -fkapa='-ag=ab -ur=1 -nat' -inline manual -O5 -tune ev5 089:kf77 -fkapa='-ag=a -ur=3 -ur2=320 -inll=5
-ind=5 -nat' -tune ev5 090:kf77 -fkapa='-ag=a -ur=5 -ur2=800 -nat' -O5 -tune ev5 093:kf77 -tune ev5 -fkapa='-ag=a -ur=4 -ur2=560 -nat -lc=blas' -O5 -ldxml 094:f77
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