Subject: NA Digest, V. 16, # 06

NA Digest Tuesday, June 14, 2016 Volume 16 : Issue 06

Today's Editor:

  Daniel M. Dunlavy
  Sandia National Labs

Today's Topics:

Reminder about Sca/LAPACK, PLASMA, & MAGMA Software Survey
StoryCorps at the Tech Museum in San Jose
New Book, MATRICES: Algebra, Analysis and Applications
Port-Hamiltonian Systems and Energy Based Modeling, Germany, Apr 2016
Reduced-Order Models for Nonlinear Dynamics, Italy, Apr 2016
Numerical Algebraic Geometry, USA, May 2016
Mathematical Modelling and Analysis, Estonia, Jun 2016
Modelling and Experiments in Drug Delivery Systems, Portugal, Jun 2016
Numerical Computations: Theory and Algorithms, Italy, Jun 2016
PETSc User Meeting, Austria, Jun 2016
Information and Computational Science, China, Aug 2016
Combinatorial Optimisation CO2016, UK, Sep 2016
Discrete Optimization and Operations Research, Russia, Sep 2016
Reduced Basis Summer School, Germany, Oct 2016
Mathematics in Signal Processing, UK, Dec 2016
Professorship Position, Numerical Analysis, Bielefeld Univ, Germany
Lecturer Position, Applied Math, Macquarie Univ (Sydney)
Senior Researcher and Postdoc Positions
Postdoc Position, Numerical Linear Algebra, Rutherford Appleton Lab
Postdoc Positions, Maths in Healthcare Centre, Cambridge
Research Fellowship Position, Bayesian Inverse Problems/Optimization
Doctoral Positions, Munich and Graz
PhD Position, Ada Lovelace, Muenster, Germany
Contents, Journal of Scientific Computing, 66 (2) and 66 (3)
Contents, Numerical Algorithms, 71 (1) and 71 (2)

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Submissions for NA Digest:


From: Jack Dongarra
Date: February 06, 2016
Subject: Reminder about Sca/LAPACK, PLASMA, & MAGMA Software Survey

We would like you opinion and provide input on dense linear algebra
software packages that you use, in particular our libraries LAPACK,
ScaLAPACK, PLASMA and MAGMA. The purpose of this survey is to improve
these libraries to benefit you, the users. There are many possible
improvements that could be made, and this survey will help us
prioritize them.

The survey has six parts and it's easy to skip a part if it’s not

1. A general section about your applications and their needs.
2. Specific questions about your LAPACK uses, if any.
3. Specific questions about your ScaLAPACK uses, if any.
4. Specific questions about your PLASMA uses, if any.
5. Specific questions about your MAGMA uses, if any.
6. An open section for any additional comment

We estimate that it should take 10 minutes to fill out the survey.

You will find the survey here:

Thank you very much.


From: Joel Malard
Date: February 03, 2016
Subject: StoryCorps at the Tech Museum in San Jose

Hi, everyone.

There may be people on this list who have meaningful stories to tell
about the San Jose tech Musuem. Please fell free to submit yours if
you live in the Bay Area or to share it with Karen Hennessy.

with best wishes,
Joel Malard

The San Jose Tech Museum is taking community submissions to
participate in the upcoming visit from StoryCorps.

A StoryCorps interview is 40 minutes of uninterrupted time for
meaningful conversation between two people. It's an opportunity to ask
the questions that matter and preserve your stories for future
generations, whether you share memories of our institution or other
personal stories about how technology solves problems, Silicon Valley
and STEM education, innovation, women in tech-whatever moves you.

Listen to clips of StoryCorps interviews here: At the end of your session, you'll take
home a broadcast-quality CD of the interview, and with your permission
a copy will be archived at the Library of Congress and with The Tech.

You have until February 11th to submit a story about The Tech's impact
on your life or a time you were inspired to innovate. If selected, we
will reach out to schedule the recording Feb 26, 27 or 28.

Submission Link:


From: Shmuel Friedland
Date: February 01, 2016
Subject: New Book, MATRICES: Algebra, Analysis and Applications

MATRICES: Algebra, Analysis and Applications
Shmuel Friedland

This book deals with advanced topics in matrix theory using the
notions and tools from algebra, analysis, geometry an numerical
analysis. It consists of seven chapters that are loosely connected
and interdependent. Chapter 1 discusses the fundamental notions of
Linear Algebra over general and special integral domains. Chapter 2
deals with well known canonical form: Jordan canonical form, Kronecker
canonical form, and their applications. Chapter 3 discusses functions
of matrices and analytic similarity with respect to one complex
variable. Chapter 4 devoted to linear operators over finite
dimensional inner product spaces. Chapter 5 is a short chapter on
elements of multilinear algebra. Chapter 6 deals with nonnegative
matrices. Chapter 7 discusses various topics as norms, complexity
problem of the convex hull of a tensor product of certain two convex
sets, variation of tensor power and spectra, inverse eigenvalue
problems for nonnegative matrices, and cones.

Publisher: World Scientific, 2015


From: Benjamin Unger
Date: February 02, 2016
Subject: Port-Hamiltonian Systems and Energy Based Modeling, Germany, Apr 2016

Please note that the deadline for submission of abstracts for the
workshop on "Energy Based Modeling, Simulation, and Control of Complex
Physical Systems" from 07.04.-08.04.2016 at the Technische Universität
Berlin, has been extended to February 12, 2016, 24:00h (Central
European Time).

Invited Speakers:
Arjan van der Schaft (University of Groningen)
Carsten Hartmann (Freie Universität Berlin)
Peter Breedveld (University of Twente)
Hector Ramirez (University of Franche-Comté)

More information can be found at


From: Peter Schmid
Date: February 03, 2016
Subject: Reduced-Order Models for Nonlinear Dynamics, Italy, Apr 2016

A Spring School on "Reduced-order models for nonlinear dynamics in
fluid flows" will take place in Montestigliano, Italy (Tuscany) from
17 to 23 April 2016. It is sponsored by ERCOFTAC and intended for
young scientists (doctoral and post-doctoral students) to learn,
interact and study interdisciplinary topics of interest in fluid
dynamics, turbulence and combustion.

This year's topic is concerned with the design of reduced-order
models, in particular for flow control applications. Special emphasis
will be directed towards weakly and strongly nonlinear techniques.

The keynote lecturer is Prof. Denis Sipp from ONERA-DAFE, France. The
workshop provides an opportunity for hands-on project work in small
groups, with close interaction with the keynote lecturer and the

For more information about the workshop, including the application
procedure, please consult the ERCOFTAC website at

Questions and applications should be directed to Peter Schmid
( or Shervin Bagheri (


From: Jonathan Hauenstein
Date: February 04, 2016
Subject: Numerical Algebraic Geometry, USA, May 2016

Workshop on Software and Applications of Numerical Algebraic Geometry
May 23-25, 2016
University of Notre Dame, Notre Dame, IN, USA

Deadline for submission of travel grants: February 15, 2016

Registration now open:

This workshop will focus on solving systems of polynomial equations
using numerical algebraic geometry. It will introduce the participants
to algorithms of numerical algebraic geometry so that they can use and
develop variations to address their own research problems of interest.

Plenary speakers:
Dan Bates, Colorado State University
Andrew Murray, University of Dayton


From: Uno Hämarik
Date: February 06, 2016
Subject: Mathematical Modelling and Analysis, Estonia, Jun 2016

Mathematical Modelling and Analysis (MMA2016)
2016, June 1-4, Tartu, Estonia

Conference topics:
- Modelling and Analysis of Problems of Mathematical Physics
- Approximation Methods for Differential, Integral and Operator
- Inverse and Ill-Posed Problems
- Optimization and Splines

Confirmed plenary speakers:
Raimondas Ciegis (Vilnius Gediminas Technical Univ, Lithuania)
Teresa Diogo (University of Lisbon, Portugal)
Martin Hanke-Bourgeois (University of Mainz, Germany)
Helmut Neunzert (Fraunhofer Institute, Kaiserslautern, Germany)
Igor Podlubny (Technical University of Kosice, Slovak Republic)
Andrejs Reinfelds (University of Latvia, Latvia)
Ian H. Sloan (University of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia)
Tarmo Soomere (Estonian Academy of Sciences, Estonia)
Gennadi Vainikko (University of Tartu, Estonia)
Anatoly Yagola (Lomonosov Moscow State University, Russia)

Registration and abstract submission: March 15, 2016
Notification of acceptance: March 31, 2016


From: José Augusto Ferreira
Date: February 04, 2016
Subject: Modelling and Experiments in Drug Delivery Systems, Portugal, Jun 2016

Modelling and Experiments in Drug Delivery Systems 2016 workshop will
take place from June 20-June 22, 2016, at the Department of
Mathematics of University of Coimbra, Coimbra-Portugal.

Mathematical modelling is playing an increasingly important role in
the field of medicine through the use of models and numerical
simulations. These models represent an extremely useful tool to
complement theoretical and experimental work and provide personalised
approaches for patient treatment.

Controlled drug delivery systems like drug-eluting stents, transdermal
patches, and intravitreal implants have become a common tool in
clinical practice. These drug delivery systems combine a platform with
a drug in a such way that the active agent is efficiently released to
a target organ, while maintaining the drug concentration within a
therapeutic window during an extended period of time. Devices and
drugs can be tuned to meet the individual patient needs.

The Modelling and experiments in drug delivery systems 2016
(MEDDS2016) workshop aims to present state-of-the-art research on
modelling and experimental approaches for drug delivery systems. The
goal is to bring mathematicians, biologists, physicians, and engineers
together in an open discussion environment.

For registration and workshop details, see the workshop website


From: Dmitri Kvasov
Date: February 06, 2016
Subject: Numerical Computations: Theory and Algorithms, Italy, Jun 2016

Numerical Computations: Theory and Algorithms
The 2nd International Conference and Summer School NUMTA2016 in
cooperation with the Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics

19-25 June 2016, Club Med Resort "Napitia", Pizzo Calabro, Italy

OPENING KEYNOTE LECTURE will be delivered by Professor Robert
J. Aumann, 2005 Nobel Prize in Economics, Hebrew University of
Jerusalem (Israel).

YOUNG RESEARCHER AWARD (500 Euro and the Award certificate) for the
best presentation made by a young scientist will be awarded during the

PROCEEDINGS will be published as a special volume of the
world-renowned The American Institute of Physics (AIP) onference
Proceedings that are currently indexed in such leading databases as
Web of Science, Scopus, and Inspec.

ABSTRACT SUBMISSION DEADLINE (EasyChair System): Feb 22, 2016.


From: Karl Rupp
Date: February 07, 2016
Subject: PETSc User Meeting, Austria, Jun 2016

The PETSc User Meeting 2016 will be held in Vienna, Austria, on June
28-30, 2016. Registration is free of charge.

The first day consists of tutorials on various aspects and features of
PETSc. The second and third day are devoted to exchange, discussions,
and a refinement of strategies for the future with our users. We
encourage you to present work illustrating your own use of PETSc, for
example in applications or in libraries built on top of PETSc.

Website with full information:


From: Chongjun Li
Date: February 04, 2016
Subject: Information and Computational Science, China, Aug 2016

International Conference on Information and Computational Science
(ICICS'2016) Aug. 2-6, 2016, Dalian, China

The aim of ICICS'2016 is to bring together mathematicians, scientists
and engineers working in the field of information and computational
science and to provide a forum for the participants to meet and
exchange ideas of common interest in an informal atmosphere. The
topics will be focused on (but not limited to) the following aspects:
Numerical Analysis; Scientific and Engineering Computing;
Computational Geometry; Image Processing; Computing Visualization;
Intelligence Computation; CAD/CAM/CAE; 3D Object Recognition; Computer

Submitted papers have to be original, containing new results that were
not previously published. All papers will be peer-reviewed. Selected
excellent papers presented at the conference will be recommended to
publish in Applied Mathematics A Journal of Chinese Universities, a
special issue of the Journal of Computational and Applied Mathematics
or other journals. All recommended papers will be peer-reviewed by the
journals. We invite you to submit your manuscript via For more detailed information,
please visit the website at

Paper Submission Deadline: Mar. 31, 2016


From: Peter Butkovic
Date: February 01, 2016
Subject: Combinatorial Optimisation CO2016, UK, Sep 2016

International Symposium in Combinatorial Optimisation CO2016 will take
place in Canterbury (Kent, UK) on 1-3 September 2016.

For call for papers and more information please visit the following


From: Evgeni Nurminski
Date: February 04, 2016
Subject: Discrete Optimization and Operations Research, Russia, Sep 2016

Call for submissions. International Conference on Discrete Optimization
and Operations Research, DOOR2016, Sept. 19-23, 2016 Vladivostok,
Russky Island, Russia.

See details on the conference website and visit it again as it is
continuously updated with more information: The conference is
organized by Far Eastern Federal University, Sobolev Institute of
Mathematics Siberian Branch of RAS, Novosibirsk State University,
Higher School of Economics, Nizhny Novgorod.

Main Topics:
Mathematical programming
Mathematical models and methods for decision making
Integer programming and polyhedral combinatorics
Bilevel programming and multicriteria optimization
Computational complexity and polynomial time approximation
Optimization problems in machine learning and data mining
Discrete optimization in scheduling, routing, bin packing, locations,
and optimization problems on graphs
Applications of operations research

Important Dates
Paper submission - April, 15, 2016
Notification of acceptance - June, 1, 2016
Payment of the registration fee - July, 1, 2016
Preliminary program - September, 1, 2016
Conference days - September, 19-23, 2016

English and Russian are the working languages of the Conference.
Proceedings will be prepared as a volume of Lecture Notes in Computer
Science, by Springer.


From: Martin Hess
Date: February 03, 2016
Subject: Reduced Basis Summer School, Germany, Oct 2016

The Reduced Basis Summer School is an event organized by young
scientists for young scientists.

It aims at master students and PhD students in the field of Model
Order Reduction. Research topics in all aspects of model order
reduction are welcome:

Model Order Reduction for Parametrized Systems
Model Order Reduction for Linear and Nonlinar Systems
Model Order Reduction in Optimization, Control and UQ

As the main purpose of this event is to get to know each other,
everyone is encouraged to give a talk about their latest results
and/or their current research problems.

For further information, please see the webpage of the RBSS 2016:

The workshop is held from the 4th - 7th Oct. 2016, in Hedersleben
close to Magdeburg, Germany. Application deadline is the 17th June.


From: Pamela Bye
Date: February 04, 2016
Subject: Mathematics in Signal Processing, UK, Dec 2016

11th IMA International Conference on Mathematics in Signal
Processing, Monday 12-Wednesday 14 December 2016
Austin Court, Birmingham

This event builds upon a very successful series of previous
conferences. From the first event held in Bath in 1985 to the most
recent one held in Birmingham in 2014 as successful as its
predecessors, the organising committee is delighted to announce the
11th IMA International Conference on Mathematics in Signal Processing
to be held 12-14 December, 2016. Signal processing constitutes an
important area for the application of mathematical concepts and
techniques fuelled, for example, by developments in mobile
communications, networks, multimedia system, genomics and
bioengineering, neural signal processing, big data processing and
internet of things. The aim of the conference is to bring together
mathematicians, statisticians and engineers with a view to exploring
recent developments and identifying fruitful avenues for further
research. It is hoped that the meeting will help to attract more
mathematicians into this important and challenging field.

Contributed papers are invited on all aspects of mathematics in signal
processing and will be accepted on the basis of a 300-500 word
abstract which should be submitted by 6 May 2016 by e-mail to Authors will be advised of acceptance by 8
July 2016. The majority of contributed papers will be presented in the
poster sessions. Successful authors will be invited to submit a four
page paper for inclusion in the conference proceedings by 4 November

For further information please visit the conference webpage:


From: Lubomir Banas
Date: February 03, 2016
Subject: Professorship Position, Numerical Analysis, Bielefeld Univ, Germany

The Department of Mathematics at Bielefeld University invites
applications for a Professorship in Mathematics (W3) in particular
Numerical Analysis. The vacancy is to be filled at the earliest

The successful candidate will
- have a strong track record of research in Numerical Analysis and
experience in research collaborations with other mathematical
- contribute to the department's teaching and research strategy as
well as academic self-administration
- play an active part in the department's current and future
collaborative research initiatives
- seek interdisciplinary research collaborations with scientists from
other departments, such as Physics, Computer science or the Center
for Mathematical Economics

The deadline for receipt of applications is March 3, 2016.

Applications, including CV and publication list, where three
outstanding publications are highlighted, should be addressed to

The Dean
Faculty of Mathematics
Bielefeld University
P.O. Box 100131
D-33501 Bielefeld

Applicants are asked not to send in original documents, as these
cannot be returned.

Full details of the application can be found at:


From: Jim Denier
Date: February 01, 2016
Subject: Lecturer Position, Applied Math, Macquarie Univ (Sydney)

The Department of Mathematics is looking to appoint an outstanding
applied mathematician whose research involves mathematical modelling
with applications in science, engineering, the technological,
biological or medical sciences. Applicants with research interests in
asymptotic analysis, control theory, dynamical systems, fluid
mechanics, numerical analysis/scientific computing and waves are
particular encouraged.

For full details on the position, and how to apply, please see the
Macquarie University jobs website


From: BCAM - Basque Center for Applied Mathematics
Date: February 01, 2016
Subject: Senior Researcher and Postdoc Positions

IC_2016 International Call for CFD-MS Research Line Leader and
Postdoctoral Fellowship in Data Science

BCAM, the Basque Center for Applied Mathematics whose mission is to develop high quality
interdisciplinary research in the frontiers of Applied Mathematics,
has opened the following positions:
1 CFD Modelling and Simulation Research Line Leader
1 Postdoctoral Fellowship in Data Science

Deadline for submission: 29th February 2016, 17:00 [UTC/GMT + 1
hour]. All applications must be submitted on-line at:

Contact us if you need further information:

Ikerbasque Research Fellows 2016

Ikerbasque, the Basque Foundation for Science has launched its annual call for attracting
researchers to the Research Institutions in the Basque Country.

This call offers 15 positions for Promising Researchers Ikerbasque
Research Fellows within any of the Basque Research Institutions
(Universities, BERC - Basque Excellence Research Centres, CIC-
Cooperative Research Centres, Biomedical institutions and Technology
Corporations, among others).

5 year contracts
PhD degree between Jan 2006 - Dec 2013
Support letter from the host group is mandatory

BCAM - Basque Center for Applied Mathematics,
is a BERC Excellence Research Centre and Host Institution in the
Ikerbasque call, whose mission is to develop high quality
interdisciplinary research in the frontiers of Applied
Mathematics. Our research agenda is focussed in: COMPUTATIONAL

All applications must be submitted on line:
deadline for submissions: April 4th 2016 at 13:00 CET.


From: Iain Duff
Date: February 07, 2016
Subject: Postdoc Position, Numerical Linear Algebra, Rutherford Appleton Lab

We are inviting applications for a postdoctoral position in the
Numerical Analysis Group at STFC-RAL in Oxfordshire, UK.

The successful candidate will join the Numerical Linear Algebra for
Future and Emerging Technologies (NLAFET) project funded by the
European Commission involving Inria, Umea University, University of
Manchester and STFC-RAL.

The position will focus on design, implementation, and evaluation of
parallel algorithms for numerical linear algebra with regards to
extreme-scale challenges. The research at RAL will principally be on
sparse direct solvers that are highly scalable and thus suitable for
future and emerging large scale computers. The algorithms developed
will be validated on several applications targeted by NLAFET, such as
power systems, computational fluid dynamics, and astrophysics. The
research will be done in close collaboration with established
researchers in the Numerical Analysis Group as well as with other
partners in NLAFET.

Candidates should have a PhD in applied mathematics or computer
science and expertise in numerical linear algebra and/or high
performance computing.

This post offers a full-time research appointment until the end of the
project on 31 October 2018.

Informal enquiries may be made to: Iain Duff .

To apply or to find out more details about the position, please go to
the STFC recruitment portal at:

The deadline for applications is 20th March 2016 but I encourage
people to apply well before that date. The appointment can begin at
any time.


From: Carola-Bibiane Schönlieb
Date: February 06, 2016
Subject: Postdoc Positions, Maths in Healthcare Centre, Cambridge

We are currently advertising 5 PostDoc positions for our new EPSRC
Centre for Mathematical and Statistical Analysis of Multimodal
Clinical Imaging, see

Deadline for applications is the 3rd of March 2016.

More information on the Centre can be found here


From: Alex Thiery
Date: February 01, 2016
Subject: Research Fellowship Position, Bayesian Inverse Problems/Optimization

A research fellow position in Bayesian Inverse problems / Optimization
/ Imaging at the National University of Singapore, under the
supervision of Dr Alex Thiery (NUS) and Dr Cuong Dang (NTU) is

PhD in statistics, optimization, computer science, applied
mathematics, engineering, machine learning or a related discipline is
required. Strong research track record is essential.

Duration: 1 years, renewable up to two years
Starting date: As soon as possible
Salary Range: 60k to 75k SGD
Research travel budget available.

Application closing date: March, 2016

More information:

For informal inquiries, contact Alex Thiery (a.h.thiery at


From: Thomas Russold
Date: February 03, 2016
Subject: Doctoral Positions, Munich and Graz

The international research training group "Optimization and Numerical
Analysis for Partial Differential Equations with Nonsmooth Structures"
(IGDK Munich-Graz), is funded by the German Research Foundation (DFG)
and the Austrian Science Fund (FWF) and is associated with the four
- Technische Universität München
- Universität der Bundeswehr München
- Karl-Franzens-Universität Graz
- Technische Universität Graz

For its second funding period the IGDK invites applications for
doctoral positions (75% TV-L E13) in Munich and
doctoral positions (75%) in Graz.

Applicants should hold a master's degree in mathematics or related
areas with a strong background in one of the fields of numerics,
optimization, or analysis.

Applicants are asked to submit a curriculum vitae, copies of
certificates of academic qualifications, a copy of a degree thesis or
of a peer-reviewed publication (if available) and two letters of
recommendation. Additionally, the candidates are asked to inform
themselves beforehand about the spectrum of the available PhD topics
from the web page of the IGDK and to order them according to their
interest, giving written explanations for their choice within the
application letter.

The IGDK Munich-Graz aims to increase the proportion of female staff
and especially encourages women to apply. This policy applies also to
disabled persons.

Applications in English (main language of the IGDK) should be sent by
email to, addressed to the speakers of the IGDK
Munich-Graz, Prof. Dr. Boris Vexler and Prof. Dr. Karl Kunisch. For
further information about the scientific topics covered and the
conditions for applications, please visit our website


From: Mario Ohlberger
Date: February 02, 2016
Subject: PhD Position, Ada Lovelace, Muenster, Germany

Ada Lovelace PhD position in Mathematics and Computer Sciences
Department of Mathematics and Computer Sciences, Muenster, Germany

Open to highly qualified applicants worldwide to be integrated in
existing work groups at the department in Muenster.

For more details concerning the call, please visit

Deadline for applications: April 15th, 2016


From: Chi-Wang Shu
Date: February 07, 2016
Subject: Contents, Journal of Scientific Computing, 66 (2) and 66 (3)

Journal of Scientific Computing

Volume 66, Number 2, February 2016

Recovery-Based Error Estimator for the Discontinuous Galerkin Method
for Nonlinear Scalar Conservation Laws in One Space Dimension, Mahboub
Baccouch, pp.459-476.

Spectral Method for Fourth-Order Problems on Quadrilaterals, Xu-hong
Yu and Ben-yu Guo, pp.477-503.

Unconditional Optimal Error Estimates of BDF-Galerkin FEMs for
Nonlinear Thermistor Equations, Huadong Gao, pp.504-527.

Local Error Estimates for the SUPG Method Applied to Evolutionary
Convection-Reaction-Diffusion Equations, Javier de Frutos, Bosco
Garcia-Archilla and Julia Novo, pp.528-554.

A Stabilized Crank-Nicolson Mixed Finite Volume Element Formulation
for the Non-stationary Incompressible Boussinesq Equations, Zhen Dong
Luo, pp.555-576.

An Efficient Algorithm for Accelerating Monte Carlo Approximations of
the Solution to Boundary Value Problems, Sara Mancini, Francisco
Bernal and Juan A. Acebron, pp.577-597.

Finite Difference Hermite WENO Schemes for Conservation Laws, II: An
Alternative Approach, Hongxia Liu and Jianxian Qiu, pp.598-624.

Analysis of a Staggered Discontinuous Galerkin Method for Linear
Elasticity, Jeonghun J. Lee and Hyea Hyun Kim, pp.625-649.

New Time Differencing Methods for Spectral Methods, Chang-Yeol Jung
and Thien Binh Nguyen, pp.650-671.

Stochastic Steady-State Navier-Stokes Equations with Additive Random
Noise, Max D. Gunzburger, Lisheng Hou and Ju Ming, pp.672-691.

Adaptive Mesh Refinement for Hyperbolic Systems Based on Third-Order
Compact WENO Reconstruction, M. Semplice, A. Coco and G. Russo,

A Compact Difference Scheme for Fractional Sub- diffusion Equations
with the Spatially Variable Coefficient Under Neumann Boundary
Conditions, Seakweng Vong, Pin Lyu and Zhibo Wang, pp.725-739.

Trapezoidal Rule for Computing Supersingular Integral on a Circle, Jin
Li, Hongxing Rui and Dehao Yu, pp.740-760.

High Order Boundary Extrapolation Technique for Finite Difference
Methods on Complex Domains with Cartesian Meshes, A. Baeza, P. Mulet
and D. Zorio, pp.761-791.

Multifluid Flows: A Kinetic Approach, Florent Berthelin, Thierry
Goudon and Sebastian Minjeaud, pp.792-824.

Finite Element Analysis of a Bending Moment Formulation for the
Vibration Problem of a Non-homogeneous Timoshenko Beam, F. Lepe,
D. Mora and R. Rodriguez, pp.825-848.

An Alternating Direction Method with Continuation for Nonconvex Low
Rank Minimization, Zheng-Fen Jin, Zhongping Wan, Yuling Jiao and
Xiliang Lu, pp.849-869.

The Staggered DG Method is the Limit of a Hybridizable DG Method. Part
II: The Stokes Flow, Eric Chung, Bernardo Cockburn and Guosheng Fu,

Volume 66, Number 3, March 2016

On the Global and Linear Convergence of the Generalized Alternating
Direction Method of Multipliers, Wei Deng and Wotao Yin, pp.889-916.

Matrix-Free Polynomial-Based Nonlinear Least Squares Optimized
Preconditioning and Its Application to Discontinuous Galerkin
Discretizations of the Euler Equations, L.E. Carr III, C.F. Borges and
F.X. Giraldo, pp.917-940.

Finite Element Method and A Priori Error Estimates for Dirichlet
Boundary Control Problems Governed by Parabolic PDEs, Wei Gong,
Michael Hinze and Zhaojie Zhou, pp.941-967.

A Stabilized Mixed Finite Element Method for Elliptic Optimal Control
Problems, Hongfei Fu, Hongxing Rui, Jian Hou and Haihong Li,

Erratum to: A Stabilized Mixed Finite Element Method for Elliptic
Optimal Control Problems, Hongfei Fu, Hongxing Rui, Jian Hou and
Haihong Li, pp.987-990.

Grad-div Stabilization for the Evolutionary Oseen Problem with Inf-sup
Stable Finite Elements, Javier de Frutos, Bosco Garcia-Archilla,
Volker Volker John and Julia Novo, pp.991-1024.

Full 3D Simulations of Two-Phase Core-Annular Flow in Horizontal Pipe
Using Level Set Method, Byungjoon Lee and Myungjoo Kang, pp.1025-1051.

Well-Balanced High Order 1D Schemes on Non-uniform Grids and Entropy
Residuals, G. Puppo and M. Semplice, pp.1052-1076.

Spectral Method For Navier-Stokes Equations With Non-slip Boundary
Conditions By Using Divergence-Free Base Functions, Ben-yu Guo and
Yu-jian Jiao, pp.1077-1101.

A Decoupled Unconditionally Stable Numerical Scheme for the
Cahn-Hilliard-Hele-Shaw System, Daozhi Han, pp.1102-1121.

Some Non-monotone Schemes for Time Dependent Hamilton-Jacobi-Bellman
Equations in Stochastic Control, Xavier Warin, pp.1122-1147.

Numerical Algorithms with High Spatial Accuracy for the Fourth-Order
Fractional Sub-Diffusion Equations with the First Dirichlet Boundary
Conditions, Cui-cui Ji, Zhi-zhong Sun and Zhao-peng Hao, pp.1148-1174.

Trace-Penalty Minimization for Large-Scale Eigenspace Computation,
Zaiwen Wen, Chao Yang, Xin Liu and Yin Zhang, pp.1175-1203.

On the Proximal Jacobian Decomposition of ALM for Multiple-Block
Separable Convex Minimization Problems and Its Relationship to ADMM,
Bingsheng He, Hong-Kun Xu and Xiaoming Yuan, pp.1204-1217.

Direct Minimization for Ensemble Electronic Structure Calculations,
K. Baarman, V. Havu and T. Eirola, pp.1218-1233.

Second Order Conformal Symplectic Schemes for Damped Hamiltonian
Systems, Ashish Bhatt, Dwayne Floyd and Brian E. Moore, pp.1234-1259.

Discontinuous Galerkin Approximation of Linear Parabolic Problems with
Dynamic Boundary Conditions, P.F. Antonietti, M. Grasselli,
S. Stangalino and M. Verani, pp.1260-1280.

Two Alternating Direction Implicit Difference Schemes for
Two-Dimensional Distributed-Order Fractional Diffusion Equations,
Guang-hua Gao and Zhi-zhong Sun, pp.1281-1312.

eXtended Hybridizable Discontinous Galerkin (X-HDG) for Void Problems,
Ceren Gurkan, Esther Sala-Lardies, Martin Kronbichler and Sonia
Fernandez-Mendez, pp.1313-1333.


From: Claude Brezinski
Date: February 04, 2016
Subject: Contents, Numerical Algorithms, 71 (1) and 71 (2)

Table of contents for Numerical Algorithms, Volume 71, Issue 1.

A study on the local convergence and the dynamics of
Chebyshev-Halley-type methods free from second derivative, Ioannis
K. Argyros, Á. Alberto Magrenan

Approximating fixed points of mappings satisfying condition (E) in
Busemann space, Mozhgan Bagherboum

A block algorithm for computing antitriangular factorizations of
symmetric matrices, Zvonimir Bujanovic, Daniel Kressner

An efficient generalized least squares algorithm for periodic trended
regression with autoregressive errors, Jaechoul Lee, Anthony Dini,
William Negri

A wider convergence area for the MSTMAOR iteration methods for LCP,
Ljiljana Cvetkovic, Vladimir Kostic, Ernest Sanca

Iterative methods for nonlinear systems associated with finite
difference approach in stochastic differential equations, Ali
R. Soheili, Fazlollah Soleymani

Error bounds of Rayleigh-Ritz type contour integral-based eigensolver
for solving generalized eigenvalue problems, Akira Imakura, Lei Du,
Tetsuya Sakurai

G k,l -constrained multi-degree reduction of Bezier curves, Przemyslaw
Gospodarczyk, Stanislaw Lewanowicz, Pawel Wozny

Analysis of some numerical methods on layer adapted meshes for
singularly perturbed quasilinear systems, Sunil Kumar, Mukesh Kumar

A space-time Legendre spectral tau method for the two-sided space-time
Caputo fractional diffusion-wave equation, A. H. Bhrawy, M. A. Zaky,
R. A. Van Gorder

High order discontinuous Galerkin methods on simplicial elements for
the elastodynamics equation, Paola F. Antonietti, Carlo Marcati,
Ilario Mazzieri, Alfio Quarteroni

Table of contents for Numerical Algorithms, Volume 71, Issue 2.

Numerical solution to generalized Lyapunov/Stein and rational Riccati
equations in stochastic control, Hung-Yuan Fan, Peter Chang-Yi Weng,
Eric King-Wah Chu

Multivariate polynomial interpolation with perturbed data, Claudia
Fassino, Hans Michael Möller

GPU-acceleration of waveform relaxation methods for large differential
systems, Dajana Conte, Raffaele D'Ambrosio, Beatrice Paternoster

Parallel collocation solution of index-1 BVP-DAEs arising from
constrained optimal control problems, Brian C. Fabien

Numerical algorithm for the determinant evaluation of cyclic
pentadiagonal matrices with Toeplitz structure, Ji-Teng Jia, Su-Mei Li

Bivariate Newton-Raphson method and toroidal attraction basins, Luis
Javier Hernandez Paricio

Algorithms for the CMRH method for dense linear systems, Sebastien
Duminil, Mohammed Heyouni, Philippe Marion, Hassane Sadok

A new augmented immersed finite element method without using SVD
interpolations, Haifeng Ji, Jinru Chen, Zhilin Li

On the hybrid finite difference scheme for a singularly perturbed
Riccati equation, Zhongdi Cen, Aimin Xu, Anbo Le

Galerkin-Chebyshev spectral method and block boundary value methods
for two-dimensional semilinear parabolic equations, Wenjie Liu, Jiebao
Sun, Boying Wu

On some efficient derivative-free iterative methods with memory for
solving systems of nonlinear equations, Miodrag S. Petkovic, Janak Raj

Finite product representation via multiplicative calculus and its
applications to exponential signal processing, Ali Ozyapici, Bulent

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