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From: Owen Thomas <>
Date: Mon, 21 Mar 94 14:31:25 +0100
Subject: Seeking Computational Number Theory Digest

Is anyone aware of a similar digest to NAD that focusses on
computational number theory?

Owen Thomas


From: Douglas N Arnold <>
Date: Thu, 24 Mar 1994 13:22:02 -0500
Subject: Tables of Contents Available on the Internet

I have collected the tables of contents from several numerical analysis
journals and made them available on the Internet. Presently the
following journals are available:

o SIAM Journal of Numerical Analysis, all issues since 1990 (vol. 27)
o Advances in Computational Mathematics, all issues since inception
o Numerical Algorithms, all issues since inception

Access to the files is available in three ways:

1) Via the World-Wide Web. Use a WWW browser (e.g., Mosaic) to
open the URL, and then select
the journal you desire.

2) Via anonymous ftp. Ftp to the host and log
in as user "anonymous" with your email address as password.
Then give the commands "cd pub/dna" and "get sinum.txt" or "get
aicm.txt" or or "get na.txt".

3) Via Gopher. Point your gopher client to
and select in turn "Information and Personal Directories Available
from Mathnet", "Douglas N. Arnold <dna>", and then the journal you

The World-Wide Web access is preferred if it is available to you since
it is the simplest to use, and will eventually have searching
capabilities that are not practical with the other access methods.
In the meantime, most WWW browsers have built-in string searching.
For example, with Mosaic this is available via "Find In Current..."
under the File menu.

I would be happy to extend this collection to more numerical analysis
journals. If you are involved in the editing or production of
a numerical analysis journal which you would like to see included,
please contact me.

Douglas N. Arnold E-mail:
Department of Mathematics Phone: +1 814 865-0246
Penn State University FAX: +1 814 865-3735
University Park, PA 16802 WWW URL:


From: Lothar Reichel <>
Date: Sun, 27 Mar 94 20:02:35 -0500
Subject: Electronic Transactions on Numerical Analysis


Electronic Transactions on Numerical Analysis (ETNA) is an electronic journal
for the publication of significant new and important developments in numerical
analysis and scientific computing. In addition to the rapid publication of
scholarly work, ETNA now permits the publication of manuscripts containing
COLOR figures, diagrams, or photographs.

An individual who wishes to obtain a copy of a current or back manuscript can
get a copy through World Wide Web (URL browser such
as Mosaic or Lynx. ETNA is also available through Gopher (,
anonymous ftp (, or through e-mail (send e-mail to containing the phrase: send index).

To register to receive ETNA's quarterly list of titles and abstracts, please
send an e-mail message to The subject of the message
should be: ETNA registration. Titles and abstracts of papers published in
ETNA will be e-mailed quarterly to the return addresses of all such requests.
Inquiries for further information should be e-mailed to

The contents of the March issue of ETNA is

Electronic Transactions on Numerical Analysis
Volume 2, 1994

An implicitly restarted Lanczos method for large symmetric eigenvalue
problems. D. Calvetti, L. Reichel, and D.C. Sorensen.
File: vol.2.1994/

Multigrid conformal mapping via the Szeg\H{o} kernel. Barry Lee and
Manfred R. Trummer.
File: vol.2.1994/

Displacement preconditioner for Toeplitz least squares iterations.
Raymond H. Chan, James G. Nagy, and Robert J. Plemmons.
File: vol.2.1993/


From: Joseph Traub <>
Date: Mon, 21 Mar 94 8:25:49 EST
Subject: Joint Summer Research Conference


Blum, L.
Canny, J.
Codenotti, B.
Cucker, F.
Cybenko, G.
Demmel, J.
Donoho, D.
Edelman, A.
Heinrich, S.
Jongen, H.
Khachiyan, L.
Ko, K.
Kon, M.
Lee, D.
Leoncini, M.
Mathe, P.
Novak, E.
Paskov, S.
Pedersen, C.
Renegar, J.
Ritter, K.
Shub, M.
Temlyakov, V.
Todd, M.
Traub, J.
Tsitsikilis, J.
Vavasis, S.
Vorobjov, N.
Wahba, G.
Wasilkowski, G.
Werschulz, A.
Wozniakowski, H.

The Joint Summer Research Conferences are sponsored by the American
Mathematical Society, the Institute of Mathematical Statistics and the Society
for Industrial and Applied Mathematics. There will be a summer research
conference in continuous algorithms and complexity from Saturday June 11 to
Friday June 17, 1994 at Mount Holyoke College, Massachusetts.

Those interested in attending the conference should send the
following information to the Summer Research Conference Coordinator, Confer-
ences Department, American Mathematical Society, P. O. Box 6887, Providence,
RI 02940.

Fax: 401-455-4004;e-mail:

1. Title and date of conference.
2. Full name.
3. Mailing address.
4. Telephone number and area code for office and home, e-mail address, fax
5. A short paragraph describing your scientific background relevant to the
topic of the conference.
6. Financial assistance requested; please estimate cost of travel.
7. Indicate if support is not required and if interested in attending even
if support is not offered.

The following description of the Conference is taken from the Notices of the

Saturday, June 11, to Friday, June 17
Continuous algorithms and complexity
J. F. Traub (Columbia University), co-chair
J. Renegar (Cornell University), co-chair
Continuous computational complexity studies the complexity of contin-
uous mathematical problems. The motivation is that most problems in the
physical, biological, and social sciences, and even in finance, have contin-
uous models.
The mathematical problems that arise in this modeling include integral
equations, multivariate integration, optimization, ordinary differential
equations,partial differential equations, and systems of polynomial equations.
Continuous computational complexity is applied in many disciplines
including scientific computation, control theory, and statistics. Invited
speakers will cover the foundations of continuous computational complexity,
recent results, open problems, and applications.
Continuous computational complexity may be contrasted with discrete
computational complexity, that is, the study of the complexity of problems
such as scheduling and networking. Much of the research in theoretical
computer science over the past twenty-five years has been devoted to discrete
Continuous computational complexity is a particularly good area for
researchers in the mathematical sciences. There is intense international
research activity. There are numerous important open problems which, while
deep, are solvable. Furthermore, progress requires mathematical tools such
as algebra, algebraic geometry, functional analysis, analysis in the large,
and measure theory.
Particularly promising new areas of computational complexity include:
Theoretical topics: Average case analysis of nonlinear problems, average
case complexity, complexity of multidimensional problems, relations between
condition numbers and complexity theory, models of parallel computation,
noisy data, power and limitations of randomization, and structural computa-
tional complexity.
Applications: Approximation, computer vision, dynamical systems, control
theory, ill-posed problems, integral equations, multivariate integration,
nonlinear equations, nonlinear optimization, ordinary differential equations,
partial differential equations, prediction and estimation, signal processing,
singularity detection, zeros of systems of polynomials, and systems of
polynomial equations and inequalities.
Members of the Organizing Committee: Lenore Blum (Mathematical
Sciences Research Institute and ICSI) and Henryk Wozniakowski (University
of Warsaw and Columbia University).


From: Bernadetta DiLisi <>
Date: Mon, 21 Mar 94 13:22:14 EST
Subject: Address Correction in PLTMG Announcement

The address for SIAM listed in the NA Digest announcement
from Randy Bank is incorrect. SIAM's address is:

Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics (SIAM)
3600 University City Science Center
Philadelphia, PA 19104-2688
(215) 382-9800
Fax: (215) 386-7999

Please make note of this correction.

Thank you,
Bernadetta DiLisi, SIAM


From: Des Higham <>
Date: Mon, 21 Mar 94 11:22:13 GMT
Subject: Research Positions at Dundee


Research Studentships

Two Earmarked PhD studentships in Numerical Analysis are available
beginning Autumn 1994:

Spurious Behaviour of Adaptive Algorithms for ODEs
supervised by Dr. D.J. Higham (

Nonlinear Optimization with Differential-Algebraic Constraints
supervised by Prof. R. Fletcher (

These awards are funded by the Science and Engineering Research Council (SERC)
and carry the standard SERC stipend. Applicants must be European Community
nationals, and in the case of non-UK applicants it is likely that
only tuition fees will be covered. The tenure of the awards is for a period
of three years. For further details, email either of the above supervisors,
or write to them at

Department of Mathematics and Computer Science,
University of Dundee
Dundee DD1 4HN
Scotland, UK.

sending a CV and the names of two persons willing to give references.

Postdoctoral Research Assistantship in Optimization

This award is funded by an SERC rolling programme in Process Control
and Optimization in collaboration with the University of Edinburgh.
The stipend is in accordance with the SERC scales RA1A or RA1B.
Funding for the position is secure until 30th September 1995.
Applicants from any country will be considered. Interested persons
should contact Prof. R. Fletcher as above.


From: Peter Renaud <>
Date: Tue, 22 Mar 94 09:38:43 NZS
Subject: Chair in Applied Mathematics in New Zealand

University of Canterbury, Christchurch, New Zealand
Department of Mathematics and Statistics
Chair of Applied Mathematics

The University invites applications for a Chair in Applied Mathematics to
provide academic leadership by encouraging excellence in research and
teaching by example. The successful candidate will have demonstrated academic
leadership and possess a strong ongoing record of internationally recognized
research in any branch of Applied Mathematics.
Current research areas include computational mathematics, dynamical systems,
fluid dynamics, biomathematics and relativity. The department has strong
tradiitonal links with the School of Engineering and the successful candidate
would normally be expected to foster and encourage these ties.
The salary for Professors is within the range $80 000 to $100 000 per annum.
Applications, quoting Position No. MT90, close on 31 July 1994.
Preliminary enquiries of an academic nature, regarding this position, may
be made to Dr P F Renaud, Head, Department of Mathematics and Statistics.
Telephone (03) 3642696 or Fax (03) 3642587.
Further particulars and Conditions of Appointment may be obtained from the
undersigned. Applications, quoting Position No. MT90, must be addressed to:
Mr A W Hayward, Registrar, University of Canterbury, Private Bag 4800,
Christchurch, New Zealand.
The University has a policy of equality of opportunity in employment.

Please contact me on e-mail

Peter Renaud<|


From: Horst Simon <>
Date: Fri, 25 Mar 94 15:52:29 -0800
Subject: Summer Positions at NASA Ames


Applied Research Branch
Numerical Aerodynamic Simulation Division
NASA Ames Research Center
Moffett Field, CA 94035

The Applied Research Branch of the Numerical Aerodynamic Simulation (NAS)
Division at NASA Ames Research Center is accepting summer candidates
to conduct research in the following areas:

1) Investigation of the potential of High Performance Fortran for CFD
applications, by implementing an existing CFD code in HPF.
2) Investigation of the use of the local/global model on the CM-5 by
implementing key sections of an existing data parallel particle
simulation code.
3) Preparation of a collection of graphs and grids for (electronic)
publication, and investigation of graph and sparse matrix algorithms
using the collection.

Successful candidates will have access to an 128 processor Connection
Machine CM-5, an 128 node Intel iPSC/860, a 208 processor Intel Paragon,
and an 16 processor Cray C-90. They will work in a creative multidisciplinary
environment at a premier research facility in high performance computing.

Qualified candidates should have some experience with parallel computing.
The positions are open to undergraduate students with relevant
experience or graduate students. Summer visitors
will be hired as temporary employees through Computer Sciences Corporation.
U.S Citizenship or Permanent Resident status is required. Interested
candidates are encouraged to send a cover letter (identifying the research
area of interest and including available dates) and a resume to:

Dr. Eddy Pramono
Mail Stop T27A-1
NASA Ames Research Center
Moffett Field, CA 94035
Fax: (415) 604-3957

Deadline for applicants is April 8, 1994. Submissions via e-mail are

CSC is an Equal Opportunity Employer M/F/D/V.


From: SIAM <
Date: Fri, 25 Mar 94 10:58:19 EST
Subject: Contents, SIAM Mathematical Analysis

SIAM Journal on Mathematical Analysis
Volume 25, Number 4, July 1994

Validity of the Quasigeostrophic Model for Large-Scale Flow in the
Atmosphere and Ocean
Alfred J. Bourgeois and J. Thomas Beale

Reaction and Diffusion at a Gas/Liquid Interface, II
Heikki Haario and Thomas I. Seidman

On a Nonlinear Parabolic Problem Arising in Some Models Related to
Turbulent Flows
Jesus Ildefonso Diaz and Francois De Thelin

On a Globally Existing Solution to the Inviscid Burgers Equation
with a Nonlocal Term
Kazuo Ito

A Variational Problem for Harmonic Functions in Ring-Shaped Domains
with Partially Free Boundary
Andrea Colesanti

The Thermistor Problem: Existence, Smoothness, Uniqueness, Blowup
S. N. Antontsev and M. Chipot

Existence and Uniqueness of the C Solution for the Thermistor
Problem with Mixed Boundary Value
Guangwei Yuan and Zuhan Liu

The Qualitative Analysis of a Dynamical System Modeling the
Formation of Multilayer Scales on Pure Metals
H. C. Akuezue, R. L. Baker, and M. W. Hirsch

Splay-Phase Orbits for Equivariant Flows on Tori
Renato E. Mirollo

A Velocity Functional for an Analysis of Stability in Delay-
Differential Equations
James Louisell

Stable Inhomogeneous Iterations of Nonlinear Positive Operators on
Banach Spaces
Takao Fugimoto and Ulrich Krause

Canonical Forms of Differential Equations Free From Accessory
Yoshishige Haraoka

On Monotone Spline Approximation
X. M. Yu and S. P. Zhou


End of NA Digest