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From: Stephen Nash <>
Date: Mon, 19 Sep 94 13:58:46 EDT
Subject: Looking for Two Old Papers

I am looking for two papers connected with the history of barrier
methods for nonlinear optimization problems. The papers are:

K.R. Frisch, "Principles of linear programming - with particular
reference to the double gradient form of the logarithmic potential
method," Memo., Univ. Inst. of Economics, Oslo, 18 October, 1954.

K.R. Frisch, "The logarithmic poitential method of convex
programming," Memo., Univ. Inst. of Economics, Oslo, 13 May, 1955.

I would be most grateful if anyone could send me copies of these, or tell
me where I might obtain them.

Stephen Nash
Operations Research Dept.
George Mason University
Fairfax, VA 22030, USA


From: Nick Higham <>
Date: Mon, 19 Sep 94 09:36:53 BST
Subject: Manchester 1995 IMA Linear Algebra Conference

In conjunction with the Manchester Centre for Computational Mathematics

Linear Algebra and Its Applications

Monday 10th to Wednesday 12th July, 1995
University of Manchester


The conference aims to cover the latest developments in numerical
linear algebra, matrix theory and applications of linear algebra.
It immediately follows ICIAM 95 in Hamburg.
The conference will consist of two and a half days of invited and contributed
talks and posters, with an excursion on the Tuesday afternoon and a conference
dinner on Tuesday evening.
This notice is a call for papers (a longer, LaTeX version is available
by anonymous ftp from the location described below).
An application form to attend the conference will be available early in 1995.

N. J. Higham (Chairman, University of Manchester),
I. S. Duff (Rutherford Appleton Laboratory and CERFACS),
R. Fletcher (University of Dundee), T. L. Freeman (University of Manchester),
S. J. Hammarling (NAG Ltd., Oxford), N. K. Nichols (University of Reading).

R. Brualdi (Madison), ``Spectral radius of matrices of zeros and ones'';
J. W. Demmel (Berkeley), ``Recent progress in serial and parallel algorithms
for the algebraic eigenvalue problem and singular value decomposition'';
G. H. Golub (Stanford);
P. C. Hansen (UNI.C, Denmark), ``Regularization of large-scale
discrete ill-posed problems'';
R. A. Horn (Utah), ``Hadamard products, unitarily invariant norms,
and perturbation bounds for the polar decomposition'';
G. Strang (MIT), ``Teaching of linear algebra'';
H. van der Vorst (Utrecht), ``A generalized Jacobi-Davidson iteration
method for linear eigenvalue problems'';
P. Van Dooren (CESAME, Louvain la Neuve), ``The Schur algorithm for Toeplitz
A. J. Wathen (Bristol), ``Iterative solution of large, sparse
linear systems arising in PDEs'';
M. H. Wright (AT&T Bell Labs), ``Something old, something new,
something borrowed: Connections between linear algebra and optimization''.

Z. Bai (Kentucky), ``Adaptive block Lanczos algorithm for large scale
non-Hermitian eigenvalue problem'';
A. Edelman (MIT), ``From dense numerical linear algebra to
materials science to Riemannian geometry'';
N. I. M. Gould (Rutherford Appleton Lab.), ``Linear algebra in optimization'';
D. J. Higham (Dundee);
N. Mackey (Western Michigan University, Kalamazoo),
``Convergence of Jacobi-like methods for the symmetric eigenproblem'';
R. Mathias (College of William & Mary), ``Accurate eigenvalue computations'';
H. Park (Minnesota), ``Accurate triangularization of Toeplitz matrices'';
D. Ruiz (CERFACS),, ``Preconditioners for the block conjugate gradient
B. Smith (UCLA);
G. Starke (Karlsruhe), ``Multilevel minimal residual methods''.

In addition to the invited talks, there will be
poster sessions and 20 minute contributed talks.
The deadline for receipt of abstracts is 31 December 1994.
Contributed speakers are required to register for the conference and therefore
must pay the conference fee, and, if required, the residential fee.

There are two ways to submit an abstract:

(1) Obtain a reply form from the IMA at the address shown below, and return
it, with the abstract, to the IMA.

(2) Submit an abstract by email.
You need to send by email to
(a) a completed ASCII version of the reply form,
(b) an abstract prepared in LaTeX using the style file ima-abst.sty.
You will need to download by anonymous ftp from or
(IP numbers, the files

pub/laa95/reply.txt (Electronic reply form)
pub/laa95/ima-abst.sty (LaTeX style file for abstract)
pub/laa95/ima-abst.tex (Example abstract showing required format)
pub/laa95/manchester.tex (General information on Manchester)

Address for correspondence:
Miss Pamela Irving, The Conference Officer
The Institute of Mathematics and Its Applications
Catherine Richards House
16 Nelson Street
Essex, SS1 1EF
tel: 0702 354020, fax: 0702 354111, email:


From: Larry Schumaker <>
Date: Tue, 20 Sep 94 14:23:58 -0500
Subject: Conference on Scattered Data Fitting

International Conference on Scattered Data Fitting
Cancun, Mexico, Thursday, March 2- Wednesday, March 8, 1995

Program: The meeting will focus on various aspects of
scattered data fitting, primarily in two variables. This includes
interpolation and approximation methods using splines, radial basis
functions, etc., as well as various applications in geology, geophysics,
hydrology, image processing, meteorology, terrain
modelling, and visualization. In addition to invited lectures,
a limited number of contributed talks will be scheduled.

Invited Speakers:

P. Alfeld, Salt Lake City
M. Bozzini, Milan
M. Buhmann, Zurich
P. Costantini, Catania
M. Daehlen, Oslo
N. Dyn, Tel Aviv
T. Foley, Tempe
K. Jetter, Duisburg
R. Franke, Monterey
A. Le Mehaute, Brest
W. Light, Leicester
G. Nielson, Tempe
C. Rabut, Toulouse
K. Salkauskas, Calgary
R. Schaback, Gottingen
L. Schumaker, Nashville
G. Tavares, Rio de Janeiro
L. Traversoni, Mexico City
F. Utreras, Santiago
J. Ward, College Station

Place: Sheraton Hotel, Cancun. The conference will start at
9:00 AM on Thursday, and will end with lunch on Wednesday. We expect to
organize a half day program on Saturday,
and an excursion on Sunday. Ample time will be left for
discussions and to enjoy Yucatan.

To Attend:
1. If you plan to attend this meeting, please send an email,
fax, or letter to L. Schumaker as soon as possible. Further information
will be sent to you later this fall, including how to get a hotel
room, and how to pay the conference fees
(Students = $50, Educators = $100, Others = $300).

2. If you are interested in giving a contributed talk, send
a single page abstract to L. Schumaker as soon as possible.
We prefer to get the abstract electronically as a TeX file.
We want to avoid multiple sessions and an overfull program, so only
talks which closely fit the theme of the meeting will be scheduled.
Abstracts will be reviewed, and authors of papers selected for the
program will be notified in early January.

The organizing committee:

A. Le Mehaute, Departement ITI, ENST- Bretagne BP 832,
29285 Brest, FRANCE. Tel: (33) 98 00 10 78, Fax: (33) 98 00 10 98,

L. L. Schumaker, Dept. of Mathematics, Vanderbilt University,
Nashville, TN, 37240.
Tel: 615-322-6652, Fax: 615-343-0215, email:

L. Traversoni, Univ. Autonoma Met. (Iztapalapa), Ciencias Basicas
e Ingenieria, Ap Post 55-532, C.P. 09340 Mexico D.F., Mexico,
Tel: (52) 5 7244646,
fax: (52) 5 7244900, email:


From: Jean-Baptiste Hiriart-Urruty <>
Date: Wed, 21 Sep 1994 15:16:21 +0200 (MET)
Subject: Stieltjes Centennial Colloquium

The STELTJES conference to be held in TOULOUSE from 20 to 22 March 1995 is one
of the main events organized during the academic year 1994-1995 to commemorate
the 100th anniversary of the death of TH.-J.Stieltjes (on December 31,1894, in
Toulouse). The topics covered by this conference are those of the developments
after Stieltjes'mathematics, more specifically : continuous fractions and
orthogonal polynomials ; measures on the real line, moment problems ; Laplace,
Fourier, Stieltjes'transforms ; approximation, quadratures.
Six plenary talks will be delivered :
C.BERG : Moment problems and polynomial density
J.DHOMBRES and J.-B.PECOT : Les relations d'orthogonalite depuis 1750
J.-P.KAHANE : La multiplication des series de Dirichlet, depuis Stieltjes
T.W.KORNER : Via measures to universal Fourier series.
J.KOREVAAR : Electrostatic fields due to distribution of electrons
H.STAHL : Pade approximants to algebraic functions.
The other communications will be those selected by the scientific committee
among those received following the call for communications made with posters.
The deadline for proposals is November 1, 1994.


From: R. Baker Kearfott <>
Date: Wed, 21 Sep 1994 15:13:43 -0500
Subject: Applications of Interval Computations Workshop

Additional information on APIC'95, the

International Workshop on Applications of Interval Computations
El Paso, TX, February 23-25, 1995,

has been posted to the anonymous ftp site

in the directory


The information includes the following files:


Please contact me or Vladik Kreinovich if you have any problems or questions.

R. Baker Kearfott, (318) 482-5346 (fax)
(318) 482-5270 (work) (318) 981-9744 (home)


From: Svetozar Margenov <>
Date: Fri, 23 Sep 94 15:10:05 BG
Subject: IMACS Symposium in Bulgaria

First Call for Papers
June 17-20, 1995, Blagoevgrad, Bulgaria

Organized by:
The International Association for Mathematics and Computers in Simulation
and The Center of Informatics and Computer Technology at Bulgarian Academy
of Sciences (BAS)

International Program Committee:

Owe Axelsson, KUN, Nijmegen, The Netherlands
Randolph E. Bank, UCSD, La Jolla, USA
Robert Beauwens, ULB, Brussels, Belgium
Tony F. Chan, UCLA, Los Angeles, USA
Francoise Chatelin, IBM, University of Paris, France
Ivan T. Dimov, CICT at BAS, Sofia, Bulgaria
Stefka Dimova, University of Sofia, Sofia, Bulgaria
Jack Dongarra, University of Tennessee, Knoxville, USA
Richard E. Ewing, College of Science, TA&MU, College Station, USA
Roland Freund, AT & T Bell Laboratories. Murray Hill, USA
Krassimir Georgiev, CICT at BAS, Sofia, Bulgaria
Apostolos Hadjidimos, Purdue University, USA
Sven Hammarling, NAG, Oxford, UK
Piet Hemker, CWI, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Oleg Iliev, Institute of Mathematics at BAS, Sofia, Bulgaria
Michail Kaschiev, Institute of Mathematics at BAS, Sofia, Bulgaria
David Kincaid, CNA, University of Texas at Austin, USA
Yousef Saad, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, USA
Bernard Philippe, Irisa, Rennes, France
Henk van der Vorst, RUU, Utrecht, Netherland
Junping Wang, University of Wyoming, Laramie, USA
Ragnar Winther, University of Oslo, Norway
David H. Wood, University of Delaware, USA

Local Organizing Committee
Svetozar Margenov and Panayot Vassilevski, CICT at BAS, Sofia, Bulgaria

The purpose of the Symposium is to provide a forum for the presentation
and the discussion of the recent advances in the analysis and
implementation of iterative methods for solving large linear systems
of equations and for determining
eigenvalues, eigenvectors or singular values of large matrices.

Matrix analysis
Convergence acceleration, preconditioning techniques,
methods for nonsymmetric, indefinite, singular and overdetermined systems,
sparse eigenproblems.

Applications to:
partial differential equations (multigrid methods,
domain decomposition methods, spectral methods), systems theory,
least squares problems, parallel matrix computation

Software development:
Sparse linear systems, sparse eigenproblems, application
oriented software; on sequential machines; on parallel machines.

(for submission and selection of papers)

Deadline for submission of abstracts (one page stating clearly
the originality and importance of the results): October 1994
Notification of acceptance of the papers on the basis of the submitted
abstract mailed by: January 1995
Deadline for submission of full papers (cf. below for presentation):
March 1995
Notification of acceptance of full papers mailed by: April 1995


Presentation of full papers

All papers should be composed in LaTeX format and submitted either by
electronic mail or on floppy disk (MS-DOS readable). The
submission should be accompanied by two printouts sent by ordinary mail.
It is planned to publish the proceedings in book form by an international
publishing company selected by IMACS. Authors of accepted papers may
be requested to provide improved manuscripts for the proceedings.
(N.B. Authors who are unable to produce a paper in LaTeX format are
requested to contact the organizers as soon as possible.)

General Information

The symposium will be held from June 17 till June 20, 1995
The symposium will take place at Blagoevgrad.
The symposium language will be English.
The registration fee will be equivalent to US $ 300.

Special Sessions:

"The influence of high non--normality on the reliability of iterative methods
in Computational Linear Algebra", organized by Prof. Francoise
Chatin-Chatelin, University of Paris and Dr. Valerie Fraysse, CERFACS, Toulouse

"Krylov--subspace methods for nonsymmetric and indefinite linear systems",
by Roland Freund, AT & T Bell Lab., Murray Hill, USA

"Iterative Monte Carlo methods", by Ivan T. Dimov, CICT at BAS, Sofia

"Robust Preconditioners" or "Industrial Problems" by Yousef Saad,
University of Minnesota, Minneapolys, USA

"Parallel Algorithms for Krylov Spaces" by Bernard Philippe,
IRISA, Rennes, France

Conference address:

Panayot S. Vassilevski
Second IMACS International Symposium on
Iterative Methods in Linear Algebra
Center of Informatics and Computer Technology
Bulgarian Academy of Sciences
"Acad. G. Bontchev"` street, block 25A
1113 Sofia, Bulgaria

E-mail : imacs95@bgearn.bitnet
or panayot@bgearn.bitnet


From: John Pryce <>
Date: Fri, 23 Sep 94 17:31 BST
Subject: Proceedings from Benin conferences in Nigeria

I have recently returned from Nigeria where in spite of the tricky
political situation Prof Simeon Fatunla is managing to continue both
research and publication activities. I brought back a stock of copies of
two volumes edited by him

SCIENTIFIC COMPUTING - Proceedings of the 5th International Conference
held at University of Benin January 1992. Ada+Jane Press Nigeria Ltd,
Benin City, Nigeria 1994. 225 pp. ISBN 978-32323-1-2

the 3rd and 4th International Conferences held at University of Benin
January 1988 and February 1990. University Press plc, Ibadan, Nigeria
1992. 306pp. ISBN 978-249321-X

I am undertaking to sell them on his behalf. Proceeds will give valuable
hard currency to put towards running the next conference in 1996. I hope
many na-netters will either order a personal copy or check with their
departmental or central library and if it does not have copies, persuade it
to buy them. Price 18 pounds sterling for the first and 24 pounds for the
second. Includes p&p for mail within Europe, please add 2 pounds for mail
outside Europe. Orders by e-mail to me at na.pryce
( or by post to Dr J D Pryce, Software
Engineering Group, RMCS, Shrivenham, Swindon SN6 8LA, UK. Payment by
sterling cheque please.

This is what you get, a mixture of mostly survey-oriented papers from
visiting speakers, and papers from local speakers that show the progress of
Nigerian research in scientific computation.

- R. Akin-Ojo, Univ. Ibadan, Nigeria
Degree of Chaoticity
- K. Dekker, Delft, Netherlands
Preconditioned conjugate gradient techniques for solution of
time-dependent DEs
- Kossi Edoh & Robert D Russell, Simon Fraser Univ., Canada
Numerical approximation of invariant circles
- S O Fatunla, Univ Benin, Nigeria
Recent developments in numerical treatment of singular/discontinuous IVPs
- S O Fatunla
High-order parallel methods for second order ODEs
- S O Fatunla, Univ Benin, Nigeria & U Aashikpelokhai, Edo State Univ,
A 5th order L-stable numerical integrator
- J de Frutos & J M Sanz-Serna, Univ Valladolid, Spain
h-dependent stability thresholds avoid the need for a-priori bounds in
nonlinear convergence proofs
-T. Kapitaniak, Univ Lodz, Poland
Review of strange nonchaotic attractors
- Bahman Mehri, Sharif Univ Technology, Tehran, Iran
On existence of periodic solutions for certain nonlinear second order
autonomous ODEs
- M Nakashima, Kagoshima Univ, Japan
Variable coefficient A-stable explicit RK methods
- S Ogbomawan, Univ Benin & H Wynn, City Univ, London, UK
Simulation codes and likelihood generation
- F Otunta, Univ Benin, Nigeria
An extended conjugate gradient algorithm for discrete optimal control
- J Pryce, RMCS Shrivenham, UK
ODE eigenvalue computations: a survey of recent developments
- L Uko, Univ Ibadan, Nigeria
On the convergence of the generalized Newton's method
Strongly nonlinera quasivariational inequalities: existence and
approximation of solutions
- J Verner, Queens Univ Kingston, Canada
A classification scheme for studying explicit RK pairs

- S Adams & U Ascher, Univ B.C., Canada
Using multigrid for semi-conductor device simulation in 1-D
- G Corliss, Marquette Univ, USA & Y Chang, LaJolla Institute, USA
G-stop facility for ATOMFT, a Taylor-series large ODE solver
- J Ezeilo, Univ Nigeria, Nsukka. Nigeria
L2-convergent iterative scheme for periodic solution of certain 3rd-order
- S O Fatunla, Univ Benin
Parallel methods for 2nd order ODEs
- Ben Yu Guo, Shaghai Univ, China
Spectral-difference method for solving vorticity equation
- G Hall, Univ Manchester, UK
A modified stepsize strategy for algorithms based on explicit RK methods
- R Jeltsch, RWTH Aaachen, Germany
Discrete hyperbolic conservation laws
- P Kaps, Univ Innsbruck, Austria
Recent advances in Rosenbrock methods
- J Lambert, Univ Alaska, USA
Development of a well-distributed sequence and its use in
quasi-Monte-Carlo methods
- M Marletta, Univ Leicester, UK & J Pryce, RMCS Shrivenham, UK
A new classification of singular points of Sturm-Liouville differential
- R Mattheij, Tech Univ Eindhoven, Netherlands
Direct solution of certain spars linear systems
- F Okoro, P Onumanyi, O Taiwo, Univ Ilorin, Nigeria
Exponential fitting & parameter expansion
- J Pryce RMCS Shrivenham, UK
Methods for adaptive remeshing in one space dimension
- M Van Veldhuizen, Vrije Univ Amsterdam, Netherlands
Invariant curves & their numerical approximation
- F Vega-Catalan, Univ Ibadan, Nigeria
A modified Marquardt algorithm for curve-fitting of functions with
separable parameters
- J Verner, Queens Univ Kingston, Canada
A comparison of some Runge-Kutta formula pairs using DETEST
- M Wulkow & P Deuflhard
Towards an efficient computational treatment of heterogeneous polymer


From: Bill Coughran <>
Date: Mon, 19 Sep 94 10:51 EDT
Subject: Position at AT&T Bell Laboratories

The scientific-computing group in the Computing Science Research Center
at AT&T Bell Laboratories (Murray Hill, New Jersey) anticipates an
opening to be filled later this year or in 1995. Preference will be
given to candidates who anticipate receiving their Ph.D. by the spring
of 1995 or have received their Ph.D. within the last 2 years. We are
seeking candidates with promise for innovative research in algorithms
for partial differential equations, yet with broad expertise in
computer science and numerical analysis. Applicants should also have
significant interest in, and at least some experience with, realistic
scientific computation.

The Computing Science Research Center conducts research in operating
systems, networks and protocols, theory, programming languages,
computer architecture, numerical analysis, and graphics and image
processing. The scientific-computing group does research in core
numerical analysis and computation, often motivated by important
applications. Further background information (including publications)
can be obtained via the following URL:

If you are interested, please send a curriculum vitae, including a
description of your computational experience, electronically to:

W. M. Coughran, Jr.
Head, Computing Mathematics Research
AT&T Bell Laboratories

All inquiries should be directed to the same address.
AT&T is an equal opportunity employer.


From: Amy Shreve <>
Date: Tue, 20 Sep 1994 17:01:17 -0600
Subject: Position at Maui High Performance Computing Center



Application Period: 09-12-94 to 12-09-94
Review of applications will begin on 10/15/94. To
insure full consideration, applications must be
received no later that 5:00PM on 10/14/94
EEOC Job Group: 3
Starting Range: $3,557.66*/MO to $4,592.50*/MO. (Dependent on
Grade: 16 Full-Time Position/Regular

SUMMARY OF DUTIES: Develops tools and application software.
Consults with customers on parallelization strategies for their
applications. Develops training materials. Teaches customer education
classes. Supports the customer help desk. Maintains an extensive on-line
customer help system. The computing equipment at the Maui High Performance
Computing Center currently includes a 400-node IBM SP2, SGI visualization
computers and a number of workstations.

The above statement reflects the general duties considered necessary
to describe the principle functions of the position identified and
shall not be considered inclusive of all work requirements that may be
inherent in the position.

MINIMUM REQUIREMENTS: Bachelor's Degree in Engineering, Science, or
Mathematics and three (3)years of experience (for RSII), five (5) years of
experience (for RS III) in scientific FORTRAN and/or C programming in a UNIX
environment or an MS with two (2) years experience (RS II), four (4) years
of experience or Ph.D. (for RS III). Directly related education and
experience may be substituted for each other on a year-for-year basis.

memory parallel programming, self-motivation and good interpersonal skills,
experience in writing scientific applications, user support experience,
familiarity with scientific software packages, knowledge of UNIX database
systems, experience with network information servers such as Mosaic and
gopher, experience as an instructor or in the development of training
materials for computer applications.

CONDITIONS OF EMPLOYMENT: *The salary for this position includes an
$800.00/mo. supplement to compensate for the cost of living in Hawaii.
Positions transferring out of Hawaii will revert to the UNM salary according
to policy 3500. May be assigned to different work shifts including
evenings, weekends, and holidays. Successful candidate must have the
ability to obtain and maintain a DoD top secret clearance, and will be
required to furnish official college transcripts, certifications, and/or
licenses. Must be legally authorized to work in the U.S.A. Successful
candidate must be prepared to present certifications, licenses, etc., to
be photocopied and added to the personnel file.

TO APPLY: Applications must be received by Human Resources Office, 1717
Roma NE, Albuquerque, New Mexico 87131, or the Maui High Performance
Computing Center, 550 Lipoa Parkway, Suite 101, Kihei, Maui, Hawaii 96753 by
5:00PM on the closing date. Resumes must list employment dates by
month/year and must be accompanied by a cover letter with an original
signature. Indicate the requisition number and job title on the
application/cover letter. Applications may be obtained by calling


From: Jean-Baptiste Hiriart-Urruty <>
Date: Wed, 21 Sep 1994 15:00:33 +0200 (MET)
Subject: Position at Paul-Sabatier University, Toulouse

This is to confirm a previous announcement concerning a position of
"Professeur de Mathematiques" at the department of Mathematics of the Paul-
Sabatier university in Toulouse, France. This position should be filled
starting from September 1, 1995, and is a permanent one. The scientific council
of the department has confirmed the following priorities as for the areas of
research of the person the university would like to hire :
Detailed curriculum vitae and curriculum studiorum of possible candidates
should be sent to J.-P. DEDIEU or J.-B. HIRIART-URRUTY
Laboratoire Approximation et Optimisation
U.F.R. Mathematiques,Informatique, Gestion
118, route de Narbonne
31062 TOULOUSE Cedex.
The official announcement of the vacancy will be made on spring 1995, the
interviews of the selected applicants will take place in May or June 1995.
To get a permanent position in a French university, we recall it is necessary
to be "qualified" at the national level.There will be a session of
qualification next January or February ; to be considered in that session, a
first step has to be carried out before October 7, 1994. All the details
concerning this procedure can be found in "Journal Officiel" dated August 20.
This first step is mainly an administrative one and can be done by mail.


From: Mark Myers <>
Date: Wed, 21 Sep 1994 17:17:13 -0400
Subject: Position at United Technolgies Research

Position Announcement: Associate Research Engineer/Scientist
Systems and Software Group
United Technologies Research Center
East Hartford, Connecticut

The Systems and Software Group of the Mechatronics Division at the
United Technologies Research Center invites qualified individuals
to apply for the position of Associate Research Engineer/Scientist.

United Technologies Research Center (UTRC) is an internationally
recognized R&D organization which conducts research across a
broad range of technology areas in support of operating units of
United Technology Corporation. The Systems and Software Group is
responsible for research activities at UTC on algorithms and
implementations which advance the state-of-the-art in one or more
UTC divisions: Pratt/Whitney, Sikorsky, Otis, Carrier and UT
Automotive. Particular areas of interest and expertise include
applications of neural networks, genetic algorithms, design of
embedded software and development of simulation codes. Each
individual participates in a variety of different projects, all
contributing to the solution of practical engineering problems.

The minimum requirement are a master's degree in computer science
or applied mathematics plus three years of professional experience
designing and building software systems, or equivalent experience.
The successful candidate must have expertise developing and
implementing scientific software using object-oriented design
paradigms in C and C++. Facility with CASE tools a bonus. Strong
background in mathematics is essential. Preference will be given
to candidates with the following additional qualifications:

1. Expertise in numerical methods for simulation and
analysis of dynamical systems;

2. Demonstrated ability to work independently and as
a member of a team.

All inquiries must be IN WRITING and should be directed to:

Dr. Mark Myers
Systems and Software Group
United Technologies Research Center
Mail Stop: 129-43
411 Silver Lane
East Hartford, CT 06108

Resumes and other supporting documents should be sent by
November 1, 1994. (Only resumes sent by postal mail will
be considered.)

United Technologies Research Center offers competitive salary
and a benefits package designed to attract and retain talented
professionals. UTRC is an equal opportunity employer.


From: Marilyn Radcliff <>
Date: Fri, 23 Sep 1994 15:13:18 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: Contents, Journal of Approximation Theory

Journal of Approximation Theory, Volume 78, Number 3, September 1994
Table of Contents

Jo\~ao B. Prolla. On the Weierstrass-Stone theorem, 299-313.

You Zhao-Yong and Guo Tie-Xin. Pointwise best approximation in the space
of strongly measurable functions with applications to best approximation
in $L^p(u,X)$, 314-320.

Detlef H. Mache. Equivalence theorem on weighted simultaneous
$L_p$--approximation by the method of Kantorovi\v c operators, 321-350.

Jean-Claude Evard and Farhad Jafari. Direct computation of the simultaneous
Stone-Weierstrass approximation of a function and its partial derivatives
in Banach spaces, and combination with Hermite interpolation, 351-363.

Amos Ron. Negative observations concerning approximations from spaces
generated by scattered shifts of functions vanishing at $\infty$, 364-372.

Jeffrey S. Geronimo, Douglas P. Hardin, and Peter R. Massopust. Fractal
functions and wavelet expansions based on several scaling functions, 373-401.

Boris Paneah. On a lower bound for the absolute value of a polynomial of
several complex variables, 402-409.

M. X. He and E. B. Saff. The zeros of Faber polynomials for an $m$-cusped
hypocycloid, 410-432.

M. G. Beaty, M. M. Dodson, and J. R. Higgins. Approximating Paley-Wiener
functions by smoothed step functions, 433-445.

Andr\'as Kro\'o and J\'ozsef Szabados. M\"untz-type problems for Bernstein
polynomials, 446-457.

Book Reviews, 458-469.


From: Ake Bjorck <>
Date: Mon, 19 Sep 94 09:20:24 +0200
Subject: Contents, BIT

BIT Volume 34, No. 3 (1994)
ISSN 0006-3835

On dynamic iteration for delay differential equations
M. Bj{\o}rhus, pp. 325--336

On quadratic invariants and symplectic structure
P. B. Bochev and C. Scovel, pp 337--345

Two new formulas for the numerical evaluation of the Hilbert transform
B. Della Vecchia, pp. 346--360

Runge-Kutta schemes than maintain invariant solutions for
differential-algebraic problems.
I. Higueras, pp. 361--366

Hartley preconditioners for Toeplitz systems generated by positive
continuous functions
X.-Q. Jin, pp. 367--371

Corrected sequential linear programming for sparse minimax optimization
K. J\'onasson and K. Madsen, pp. 372--387

B-splines with geometric knot spacings
Z. Ko\c{c}ak and G. M. Phillips, pp. 388--399

The asymptotic stability of one-parameter methods for neutral
differential equations
J. X. Kuang, J. X. Xiang and H. J. Tian, 400--408

Shift-invert and Cayley transforms for detection of rightmost eigenvalues
of nonsymmetric matrices
K. Meerbergen, A. Spence and D. Roose, pp. 409--423

On condition numbers and algorithms for determining a rigid body movement
I. S\"oderkvist and P.-{\AA}. Wedin, Ume{\aa}, pp. 424--436

Structures and the uniqueness condition of MK-Weighted pseudoinverses
M. Wei and B. Zhang, pp. 437--450

A note on primality test for $N=h\cdot2^n-1$
\"O. J. R\"odseth, pp. 451--454

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addressed to the Editor:

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Link\"oping University
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From: Richard Brualdi <>
Date: Mon, 19 Sep 1994 13:14:43 -0500 (CDT)
Subject: Contents, Linear Algebra and its Applications

Contents Volume 211

Special Issue: Generalized Inverses

Preface 1

R. B. Bapat (New Delhi, India) and Robert E. Hartwig (Raleigh, North Carolina)
A Master of the Row Space and the Column Space: The Mathematical
Work of Sujit Kumar Mitra 5

Donald W. Robinson (Provo, Utah)
The Moore Idempotents of a Matrix 15

R. B. Bapat (New Delhi, India)
Generalized Inverses With Proportional Minors 27

K. Manjunatha Prasad (Bangalore, India)
Generalized Inverses of Matrices Over Commutative Rings 35

Carolyn A. Eschenbach, Frank J. Hall, and Zhongshan Li (Atlanta, Georgia)
Sign Pattern Matrices and Generalized Inverses 53

Georg Heinig (Safat, Kuwait) and Frank Hellinger (Leipzig, Germany)
Displacement Structure of Generalized Inverse Matrices 67

Yongge Tian (Zhengzhou, Peoples Republic of China)
Reverse Order Laws for the Generalized Inverses of Multiple Matrix Products 85

Robert E. Hartwig (Raleigh, North Carolina)
The Weighted-Core-Nilpotent Decomposition 101

Author Index 113


From: R. Baker Kearfott <>
Date: Wed, 21 Sep 1994 14:45:03 -0500
Subject: Contents, Interval Computations

Interval Computations. - 1993. - N 4 (Special Issue: Proceedings of
the International Conference on Numerical Analysis with Automatic
Result Verification. Lafayette, Louisiana, USA, Feb. 25 - March 1,
1993. - Vol. 3)


V. M. Nesterov
How To Use Monotonicity-Type Information To Get Better
Estimates of the Range of Real-Valued Functions 3

J. Rohn
Cheap and Tight Bounds: The Recent Result by
E. Hansen Can Be Made More Efficient 13

M. J. Schaefer
Precise Zeros of Analytic Functions Using
Interval Arithmetic 22

C. A. Schnepper and M. A. Stadtherr
Application of a Parallel Interval Newton/Generalized
Bisection Algorithm to Equation-Based Chemical Process
Flowsheeting 40

M. J. Schulte and E. E. Swartzlander, Jr.
Parallel Hardware Designs for Correctly Rounded
Elementary Functions 65

L. Simcik and P. Linz
Boundary-Based Interval Newton's Method 89

O. Sirisaengtaksin and V. Kreinovich
Neural Networks That Are Not Sensitive To The
Imprecision of Hardware Neurons 100

U. Storck
Verified Calculation of the Nodes and Weights
for Gaussian Quadrature Formulas 114

I. B. Turksen
Interval Valued Fuzzy Sets and Fuzzy Connectives 125

V. M. Veliov
Computation of Integrals of Uncertain Vector Functions 143

E. Villa, A. Bernat, and V. Kreinovich
Estimating Errors of Indirect Measurement on Realistic
Parallel Machines: Routings on 2-D and 3-D Meshes
That are Nearly Optimal 154

K. Villaverde and V. Kreinovich
A Linear-Time Algorithm That Locates Local Extrema of a
Function of One Variable From Interval Measurement Results 176

A. G. Yakovlev
Multiaspectness and Localization 195


J. Wolff von Gudenberg
International Conference INTERVAL'94 210

Advertisement 212

Requirements for manuscript preparation 214
Requirements for manuscript preparation (in Russian) 214

Addresses of the editorial board members 216

Contents 218


From: Lori Tate <>
Date: Wed, 21 Sep 94 16:13:50 EST
Subject: Contents, SIAM Numerical Analysis

Here is the correct Table of Contents for the SIAM J. Math. Anal.,
November 1994. I may have sent you the wrong Table of Contents from a
previous issue. Sorry for the mistake.

Lori Tate

SIAM Journal on Mathematical Analysis
Volume 25, Number 6, November 1994

A Remark on the Stability of Viscous Shock Waves
Jonathan Goodman, Anders Szepessy, and Kevin Zumbrun

Interface Problems in Viscoplasticity and Plasticity
Carsten Carstensen

Finite Energy Solutions of Nonlinear Schrodinger Equations of Derivative Type
Nakao Hayashi and Tohru Ozawa

Phaselocking in a Reaction-Diffusion Equation with Twist
G. Bard Ermentrout and W. C. Troy

Singular Perturbations and the Coupled/Quasi-Static Approximation
in Linear Thermoelasticity
B. F. Esham and R. J. Weinacht

Error Bounds for Asymptotic Expansions of Laplace Convolutions
X. Li and R. Wong

Multiple Solutions for a Nonlinear Dirichlet Problem
Alfonso Castro and Jorge Cossio

Explicit Heat Kernel on Generalized Cones
Hendrik W. K. Angad-Gaur, Bernard Gaveau, and Masami Okada

Analytical and Numerical Solutions for a Class of Nonlocal
Nonlinear Parabolic Differential Equations
Yanping Lin

Monodromy Representations of Systems of Differential Equations Free
From Accessory Parameters
Yoshishige Haraoka

Smoothing Effects for Dispersive Equations Via a Generalized Wigner Transform
Thierry Colin

Characterization of the Smoothest Interpolant
Borislav Bojanov

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