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From: Gene Golub <golub@sccm.Stanford.EDU>
Date: Fri, 14 Oct 94 0:18:35 PDT
Subject: Ed Osborne


Ed Osborne, who made many contributions to numerical linear algebra,
passed away on September 11, 1994, after suffering from emphysema and
arthritis for many years. He was 76 years old, and is survived by his
wife, Phyllis, and two children, Chris and Meredith.

He was born August 27, 1918, served for five years during World War II
(much of it as an Army Air Corps weather observer in North Africa),
and earned all of his degrees at UCLA, receiving the PhD in 1952. He
taught at the University of Connecticut for one year, and returned to
the Numerical Analysis Research project at UCLA. He also taught
numerical analysis courses in the UCLA Extension, and, in 1957,
married one of his students, Phyllis van Liew.

His subsequent career, from the beginning of the space age, was at
Ramo-Wooldridge Corporation and its successors, Space Technology
Laboratories and TRW. He devised a very useful algorithm for scaling
of matrices in eigenvalue computations. He was a cheerful fellow,
always laughing. He retired in 1985. In 1992 he was happy to see
many of his old friends from the early days at a reunion in Los
Angeles during SIAM's 40th Anniversary Meeting.

Gene Golub and Bob Mercer


From: Anne Elster <>
Date: Mon, 10 Oct 94 15:05:04 CDT
Subject: Address change for Anne C. Elster

I finally graduated from Cornell.
My new coordinates are below.

See you at SC'94?

Anne C. Elster, PhD (512) 331-3267 (Voice)
Schlumberger Austin System Center (512) 331-3059 (Fax)
P.O. Box 200015
Austin, TX 78720-0015


From: Tim Davis <>
Date: Tue, 11 Oct 1994 07:58:22 -0400
Subject: Sparse Matrix Collection

I'm collecting a set of large sparse matrices, available via anonymous
ftp to in the directory pub/umfpack/matrices. These include
the following subdirectories:

Goodwin finite-element, fluid mechanics problem, from Ralph
Goodwin, Univ. of Illinois
Hamm circuit simulation matrices from Steve Hamm, Motorola
Mallya chemical engineering matrices from Jayarama Mallya,
Univ. of Illinois.
Portfolio a financial portfolio optimization problem, acquired by
Ed Rothberg, Silicon Graphics
Shyy CFD matrices from Wei Shyy, Univ. of Florida
Simon CFD matrices from Horst Simon, NASA
Wang semiconducter device simulations, from Song Wang,
University of New South Wales
Zitney chemical engineering matrices from Steve Zitney, Cray
Research, Inc.

The largest matrices (from Shyy, Mallya, and Simon, and in the Portfolio
subdirectory) are about 70,000-by-70,000, with up to 1.7 million nonzeros.
These include both symmetric and unsymmetric matrices. Each subdirectory
contains a README file that gives more information about the matrices.

I'll be adding to this collection as new matrices arrive. If you would like
to add to this collection, please contact me (, phone
1 (904) 392-1481). Adding your matrix to this collection has the potential of
improving the performance of future sparse matrix algorithms for your type of
matrices, by making them available to any sparse algorithm developer.

Other useful collections of sparse matrices include the Harwell/Boeing
collection (anon. ftp to and SPARSKIT2 (anon. ftp to

Tim Davis
Univ. of Florida
Gainesville, FL, USA


From: Yin Zhang <>
Date: Tue, 11 Oct 1994 13:22:52 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: MATLAB Toolkit for Linear Programming

I am pleased to announce the Beta release of LIPSOL -- Linear
programming Interior-Point SOLvers.

-- What is LIPSOL? --

LIPSOL is a MATLAB toolkit that uses Matlab's sparse-matrix data
structure and MEX utilities to achieve both programming simplicity and
computational efficiency. The primary goal of this software is to
provide researchers and their students in the field of interior-point
methods a convenient and yet powerful tool for quickly experimenting
and comparing various ideas and algorithms on nontrivial LP problems.

The current release is Beta-version. It can solve a large majority of
LP problems in the Netlib collection, mostly within seconds on a fast
workstation such as SGI Indigo 2. LIPSOL is still under active
development. Some effective techniques are still to be implemented,
such as dense-column handling.

Highly expandable, LIPSOL may also be used as a teaching tool, or even
to solve real-world problems of tens of thousands of variables.

-- What platforms are supported? --

The Beta version contains binary files without sources and is
therefore machine-dependent. It includes distributions for DEC
(Ultrix), SGI (IRIX 4.1 and 5.2) and Sun Sparcs (SunOS 4)
workstations. Future releases will be including sources and be more

-- Where to obtain LIPSOL? --

LIPSOL Beta-version is free and may be downloaded through anonymous
FTP from the site:

in the directory: pub/zhang/lipsol (also available through WWW from
the URL: There are 2 subdirectories:
matlab_4.1 and matlab_4.2, containing LIPSOL distributions constructed
using Matlab 4.1 and Matlab 4.2 MEX utilities, respectively. A draft
of a User's Guide is also available both as a compressed Postscript
file and a compressed DVI file (compressed by gzip).

The installation and use of LIPSOL are simple. See the README files
for further information.

Yin Zhang,
Dept. of Mathematics and Statistics Email:
Univ. of Maryland Baltimore County Phone: (410) 455--3298
Baltimore, Maryland 21228-5398, USA Fax : (410) 455--1066


From: Yakov Fet <>
Date: Mon, 16 Oct 0 08:07:09 +0800 (NSD)
Subject: Seeking Other Digests

October 16, 1994
> From Russia, with love ...

Dear colleague,

Thank you very much for your NA-digest which is very useful to our
staff of Novosibirsk Computing Center !

Now, let me ask you: do you know something about similar digest on
Computer Science, Computer Architecture, Computer Hardware ... ?

If yes, would you be so kind to send me info ?

Best wishes,
Dr. Yakov Fet


From: Bernhard Beckermann <>
Date: Thu, 13 Oct 1994 16:19:45 --100
Subject: FTP Site at the University of Lille

FTP Reports from the Laboratoire ANO, University of Lille (France)

We have created a public ftp library at the site

In the directory /pub you can get some reports of the

Laboratoire d'Analyse Num\'erique et d'Optimisation
Universit\'e des Sciences et Technologies de Lille - France

A list of all the reports is included in the file


The reports are provided in Compressed dvi and PostScript format
(extension .Z) and the `uncompress' utility must be used after, in your
local site, to obtain the dvi and ps files.
The reports have been subdivided into two different directories

/pub/1993 and /pub/1994

To access to the ftp area in you will need to ftp to [] with the login name `anonymous' and your
e-mail address as passwd.

Bernd Beckermann
Universit\'e des Sciences et Technologies de Lille
Laboratoire d'Analyse Num\'erique et d'Optimisation
59655 Villeneuve d'Ascq Cedex -- France

Phone (33) 20 43 47 13
Fax (33) 20 43 68 69


From: Omer Morgul <>
Date: Mon, 10 Oct 1994 09:44:57 +0300 (EET)
Subject: European Conference on Circuit Theory and Design

European Conference on
Circuit Theory and Design
27-31 August 1995
Istanbul, TURKEY

The 12th European Conference on Circuit Theory and Design
will consist of tutorials, regular and special sessions
focusing on recent trends and advances on all aspects of :

. Circuits
. Signals
. Systems
. Mathematical Methods
. Computational Methods

Prospective authors should send 5 copies of their paper by 30 November
1994 to:
I.T.U.-ETA Vakfi (ECCTD-95), P.K. 34. Ataturk Havalimani, 34831 Istanbul

Fax No: 90 - 212 - 240 85 91 or 90 - 212 - 285 36 79


From: IMACS Administration <>
Date: Wed, 12 Oct 94 15:24:33 EDT
Subject: Modelling and Simulation in Agriculture and Bio-Industries

First IMACS International Symposium on
Mathematical Modelling and Simulation in Agriculture & Bio-Industries
May 9-12, 1995
Brussels, Belgium

SCOPE: The symposium aims to provide a forum for presentation and
discussion of recent advances of Mathematical Modelling and Simulation
in Agriculture and bio-industries.

People wishing to present a paper should send 2 copies of an abstract
(300-500 words) to the symposium secretariat:

Lab. d'Automatique
CP 165 - U.L.B.
av. F.D. Roosevelt 50
B-1050 Brussels, Belgium

IMPORTANT DATES: Deadline for submission of abstracts: October 15, 1994
Preliminary acceptance of papers: January 15, 1995
Full camera ready papers due: February 28, 1995
Final acceptance of papers: March 31, 1995

Preliminary acceptance of the papers will be based on the submitted
abstracts which must clearly state the originality and importance of
the results. Only previously unpublished papers will be accepted for
presentation at the symposium. IMACS holds the copyright for the
publication of the papers in the final proceedings. The organizers
reserve the right to not accept low quality papers. Preprints of all
accepted papers will be distributed to all registered participants
upon arrival.

More information concerning the venue, program, and travel information
may be obtained by contacting the symposium secretariat.


From: Pat Bozeman <>
Date: Thu, 13 Oct 1994 12:28:07 -0500
Subject: Advances in Computational and Applied Mathematics

The Texas Institute for Computational and Applied Mathematics (TICAM)
announces a
To be held at
April 20-22, 1995


A two-and-one-half day symposium on recent advances and trends in the broad
area of computational and applied mathematics (CAM) is to be held at The
University of Texas at Austin during the third week of April, 1995. The
meeting will bring together leading researchers and practitioners in
Computational and Applied Mathematics from a world-wide community of
scholars and researchers in this area. The purpose of the meeting will be
to bring to the forefront the most recent advances in mathematics applied
to computation, in numerical algorithms and computational mathematics, in
parallel processing and supercomputing, and in applications to key fields
in science and engineering, including in particular computational fluid
dynamics, semiconductor modeling, acoustics and scattering, electromagnetic
field theory, nonlinear dynamics, numerical relativity, nonlinear control
theory, nonlinear solid mechanics, fluid structure interactions,
environmental modeling, reservoir simulation, and other areas. The meeting
will feature invited lectures from key scientists together with organized
sessions of contributed papers.

CALL FOR PAPERS: Persons wishing to contribute a paper for consideration
at the meeting should send a one-page (single-spaced) abstract to the
Organizing Committee prior to January 1, 1995.

Send by email to

or US mail to:

Symposium on Computational and Applied Mathematics I
Texas Institute for Computational and Applied Mathematics
TAY 2.400
The University of Texas at Austin
Austin, TX 78712


From: Mei Chen <>
Date: Thu, 13 Oct 1994 15:49:34 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: Southeastern-Atlantic Section of SIAM

Meeting Announcement (the first announcement)
Southeastern-Atlantic Section of SIAM
March 24-25, 1995
Department of Mathematics and Computer Science, The Citadel
Charleston, South Carolina, 29409-0255
Department of Mathematics, College of Charleston
Charleston, South Carolina, 29424


Carl de Boor, University of Wisconsin at Madison
"Multivariate Polynomial Interpolation''

James Epperson, University of Alabama at Huntsville
"A Kernel-based Method for the Numerical Solution of
Backward Parabolic Problems''

Robert Plemmons, Wake Forest University
"Survey of Mathematics in Image Restoration''

Margaret Wright, AT&T Bell Laboratory, President of SIAM
"Linear Algebra Needs and Issues in Numerical Optimization''

MINI SYMPOSIA: (tentative)

"Applied Linear Algebra"
Michael Berry (organizer), University of Tennessee
Randy Bramley, University of Indiana at Bloomington
Padma Raghavan, University of Tennessee
Dave Semeraro, Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Noel Nachtigal, Oak Ridge National Laboratory

"Approximation Theory and Applications"
Tom Kunkle (organizer), College of Charleston

"Numerical Optimization"
Jon Tolle (organizer), University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Several sessions of 20 minute presentations of contributed papers
will be held. Papers in all areas of applied mathematics are
welcome. To contribute a paper, send a title and abstract of no
more than 100 words by February 15, 1995, to or
to Mei Chen, Department of Math/CS, The Citadel, Charleston, SC
29409. Abstracts should contain the title, author(s), affiliation(s)
and body of abstract.

Sessions of 20 minute presentations of student papers will be held,
and cash prizes will be given for the best student papers. Students
who desire to contribute a paper should send a title and abstract
under the same guidelines as in the previous paragraph and should
clearly mark on the abstract that the contribution is a student paper.

There may be short courses offered on Friday morning, March 24 of
the meeting. Details will be given in the second announcement.

INFORMATION: Further information can be obtained by e-mail at


From: David Walker <walker@rios2.EPM.ORNL.GOV>
Date: Mon, 10 Oct 94 11:03:57 -0500
Subject: Position at Oak Ridge National Lab


The Mathematical Sciences Section of the Engineering Physics & Math
Division at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) is seeking a senior
project leader in computational fluid dynamics (CFD) to contribute to
current and planned research projects in areas related to the U.S. Department
of Energy objectives. Current areas of interest include groundwater
modeling, environmental remediation, atmospheric modeling, ocean
modeling, enhanced gas and oil recovery, and automobile design.

The successful candidate should anticipate expanding the CFD program effort
to establish a world-class research team within a 2-3 year time frame.
Therefore, the project leader must be an internationally recognized CFD expert
with a demonstrated record in scholarship, funding, and successful research
project management.

ORNL is managed by Martin Marietta Energy Systems, Inc., for the
U.S. Department of Energy. For immediate consideration, send your resume to:
J. K. Johnson, PhD Employment, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Dept. WWW,
P.O. Box 2008, Oak Ridge, TN 37831-6216.

ORNL is an equal opportunity employer committed to building and maintaining a
diverse workforce.


From: Peter Hopper <>
Date: Tue, 11 Oct 94 11:43:03 PDT
Subject: Positions In Numerical Semicondutor Process and Device Simulation

Positions in Numerical Semiconductor Process and Device Simulation

A number of positions are available for expert C & C++ programmers and
software engineers in the field of Semiconductor Process, Device and
Circuit Simulation in Silvaco International.

Silvaco International is a company of around 100 people developing a
product called the "Virtual Wafer Fab". This product simulates the
semiconductor technology flow, with an application to predict Circuit

Silvaco International Development Engineering Divisions are based in
Santa Clara, California. Further positions in Boston for Applications
Engineers with industrial experience are also available.

Areas of developments include: Parallelisation of general purpose
device and process simulators, Device Physics implementation, Quantum
Device Simulation, 3-D general purpose meshing, Parallelisation of
Circuit Simulators (SPICE). Also, a number of positions area available
for very high caliber generic UNIX and PC software engineers.

Please submit a resume, with a description of your area of interest
along with your aspirations in terms of development activities to:

Peter Hopper, Engineering Division Manager, Silvaco International


From: Jorge More' <>
Date: Wed, 12 Oct 1994 11:00:12 -0500
Subject: Wilkinson Fellowship in Scientific Computing

Mathematics and Computer Science Division
Argonne National Laboratory

The Mathematics and Computer Science Division of Argonne National
Laboratory invites outstanding candidates to apply for the
J. H. Wilkinson Fellowship in Scientific Computing.

This fellowship was created in memory of Dr. James Hardy Wilkinson,
F.R.S., who had a close association with the Mathematics and Computer
Science Division as a consultant and guiding spirit for the EISPACK and
LINPACK projects. The Wilkinson Fellowship is intended to encourage young
scientists actively engaged in state-of-the-art research in scientific
computing. The candidate must have received their Ph.D. not more than
three years prior to the beginning of the appointment. The benefits of
the appointment include a highly competitive salary, moving expenses,
and a generous professional travel allowance.

The appointment will be in the Mathematics and Computer Science Division,
which has strong programs in scientific computing, software tools, and
computational mathematics. There is special interest in numerical methods
and software for linear algebra, optimization, unstructured mesh computations,
computational differentiation, wavelets and image processing; software tools
for parallel computing; and state-of-the-art numerical methods for
computational science problems.

The Mathematics and Computer Science Division has an outstanding
computational environment that includes high-performance scientific
workstations, a scientific visualization laboratory, a 128-node IBM SP2,
a multimedia laboratory, a virtual environment research facility, and
access to the Intel DELTA.

Applications should be addressed to Walter McFall, Box mcs-wilkinson,
Employment and Placement, Argonne National Laboratory, 9700 S. Cass Avenue,
Argonne, IL 60439, and must include a resume', a statement of research goals,
and the names and addresses of three references. The closing date for
applications is January 16, 1995. The applications will be reviewed by a
selection committee and a candidate announced in April 1995. Further
inquiries can be made by sending e-mail to

Argonne is an affirmative action/equal opportunity employer.


From: Julia Addy <>
Date: Thu, 13 Oct 1994 17:37:19 -0500
Subject: Position at Cornell Theory Center

The Cornell Theory Center, located at Cornell University, is one of
four national supercomputing centers established by the National
Science Foundation. The Center is a leading-edge computational
science laboratory that provides scalable, parallel computing
resources to the national research community. The Center's
environment includes the largest IBM SP2 supercomputer
configuration in the world. We can offer you an opportunity to
become involved with some of today's most advanced computing

Scientific Software Analyst: We are seeking a highly motivated
individual with a strong scientific and technical computing background
to provide a full range of technical support in the installation,
maintenance, optimization, and evaluation of highly specialized and
complex scientific applications software on parallel and other

Minimum qualifications include: BS in computer science or a
scientific discipline, MS preferred. Minimum 3 years experience in a
scientific computing environment. Programming in FORTRAN or C and
solid experience with UNIX operating systems fundamentals required.
Parallel programming experience is a plus.

Interested applicants should forward a cover letter and resume to
Julie Addy, Manager of Human Resources
Cornell Theory Center
Cornell University, Ithaca, NY 14853-3801

Cover letters and resumes may be submitted on-line in ASCII or postscript
forms to:



From: Kazufumi Ito <>
Date: Fri, 14 Oct 1994 11:57:17 -0400
Subject: Post Doc Positions at North Carolina State

The Center for Research in Scientific Computation at North Carolina State
University expects to make several post-doctoral appointments for the following
positions (the availability of positions is contingent upon fundings),
starting July 1, 1995.

The appointments will be in the area of applied mathematics and scientific
computation. The research interests of the Center include mathematical modeling,
analysis and control of partial differential equations, numerical optimization,
computational fluids and flow control and high-performance computation and
biomathematics. The successful applicants will be involved in research
programs between the Center and other research groups at NCSU which offer
a unique opportunity for post-doctoral research on mathematical projects
arising in industrial/governmental laboratories.

Applicants should send a vita and brief description of research interests
and have three letters of recommendation sent to Professor K. Ito,
Department of Mathematics, Box 8205, North Carolina State University, Raleigh,
NC 27695-8205. Applications will be considered at any time after January 15,
1995, as funding becomes available.

North Carolina State University is an equal opportunity and
affirmative action employer. In its commitment to diversity and
equity, North Carolina State University seeks applications from
women, minorities, and the disabled.


From: Kazufumi Ito <>
Date: Fri, 14 Oct 1994 12:02:28 -0400
Subject: Faculty Position at North Carolina State

North Carolina State University
Department of Mathematics

The Department of Mathematics expects to make a tenure-track
faculty appointment in applied probability, subject to budgetary
approval. Strong preference will be given to candidates whose interests
lie in financial or biological applications of stochastic differential
equations and control. The appointment will be at the rank of
assistant professor or above, and will begin on July 1, 1995.
Applicants should have substantial experience beyond the Ph. D.
(i.e., tangible records of significant research contributions
and outstanding teaching in postdoctoral appointments).

The Department of Mathematics has an outstanding group of
applied mathematicians, with interests in numerical analysis, control
and optimization, differential equations, and probability and
stochastic processes. Research in probability at NCSU is highly
interdisciplinary, encompassing the work of members of the Mathematics,
Statistics, Electrical and Computer Engineering, and Industrial Engineering
Departments, as well as members of the interdisciplinary Programs
in Operations Research and Biomathematics. The successful candidate
will be expected to interact with applied probability researchers across
the campus, and to participate in innovative instructional
programs such as the Applied and Industrial Mathematics Seminar,
in which students solve ``real world'' problems posed by
scientists and engineers from industry and government labs.

The successful candidate will have the opportunity to become
a member of the Center for Research in Scientific Computation,
which facilitates interdisciplinary graduate education and
research collaboration among applied mathematicians, scientists, and
engineers from academics, industry and government labs.

Applicants should send a vita and have three letters of recommendation
sent to Ben G. Fitzpatrick, Department of Mathematics, Box 8205,
North Carolina State University, Raleigh, NC 27695-8205; 919-515-7552; The selection of candidates from the pool of
completed applications will begin February 1, 1995.

North Carolina State University is an equal opportunity/affirmative action
employer. In its commitment to diversity and equity, NCSU seeks
applications from women, minorities, and the disabled.


From: Anne Leigh <>
Date: Fri, 14 Oct 94 15:50:35 EDT
Subject: Position at University of Kentucky

Application Period: 10-14-94 to 10-28-94
To ensure full consideration, applications
must be received no later than 5:00 pm on

Starting Range: $44,778.00

Grade: 1300 Full-Time Position

SUMMARY OF DUTIES: Provide on-going support for faculty members and
graduate students using numerically-intensive, high-performance,
parallel computing in their research. This function includes, but is
not limited to, consulting and assisting with: migration of existing
codes from older to newer computing platforms; parallelizing existing
sequential codes and algorithms; developing new, parallel algorithms
and codes; employing numerical analysis and various numerical
subroutine packages. Provide 3rd level support for the user help desk.
Develop training materials and provide training for faculty and
graduate students in the use of parallel computing.
The computing equipment at the UK Computing Center currently includes
an IBM 3090-600J, a CONVEX cluster which includes a C240 and 8HP's,
and a CONVEX EXEMPLAR with 16 nodes.

MINIMUM REQUIREMENTS: Doctoral degree plus 1 year of extensive
computing experience in an appropriate field in the sciences or
engineering. Applicant must be able to perform all essential functions
as identified in position description; copy available to candidate
selected for interview.

scientific computing in a UNIX environment is required as are an
in-depth knowledge of FORTRAN and C programming, as well as experience
with distributed parallel programming. Self-motivation and excellent
interpersonal skills are required.

CONDITIONS OF EMPLOYMENT: This position is jointly funded by grant
money and the V.P. for Information Systems.

TO APPLY: A current vita may be sent to
Human Resource Services Office
reply to job #311815 Employment
252 Maxwell St., Lexington KY 40506
They may also be faxed to 606-257-1736

Equal Opportunity Employer


From: Panos Pardalos <>
Date: Wed, 12 Oct 1994 10:59:35 -0400
Subject: Contents, Journal of Global Optimization

Table of Contents
Vol. 5 No. 3 (1994)

CONOR M. McDONALD and CHRISTODOULOS A. FLOUDAS / Decomposition Based and
Branch and Bound Global Optimization Approaches for the Phase Equilibrium

KAISHENG DU and R. BAKER KEARFOTT / The Cluster Problem in Multivariate
Global Optimization

AIMO TOERN and SAMI VIITANEN / Topographical Global Optimization Using
Pre-Sampled Points

BELA VIZVARI and FATIH YILMAZ / An Ordering (Enumerative) Algorithm for
Nonlinear 0-1 Programming

LUIS N. VICENTE and PAUL H. CALAMAI / Bilevel and Multilevel Programming:
A Bibliography Review

Book Reviews
X.-X. LIAO/ Absolute Stability of Nonlinear Control Systems (Y. QIN and
S. BAI).


If you have access to ftp (or gopher) you can retrieve the JOGO aims & scope,
editorial board etc. in the file jogo.inf and the latest table of contents
in the file jogo.toc from the directory Kluwer/journals/mathematics.
The new address of the ftp server is, to gopher


From: SIAM <>
Date: Thu, 13 Oct 94 15:41:35 EST
Subject: Contents, SIAM Mathematical Analysis

SIAM Journal on Mathematical Analysis
Volume 26, Number 1, January 1995

A Parabolic Equation of KPP Type in Higher Dimensions
Jean-Francois Mallordy and Jean-Michel Roquejoffre

Slow Motion in One-Dimensional Cahn-Morral Systems
Christopher P. Grant

On a System of Integrodifference Equations Modelling the
Propagation of Genes
Hwei-Ting Lin

Blow-up Solutions of Quasi-linear Degenerate Parabolic Equations
with Convection
Ryuichi Suzuki

Dynamical Behavior of Solutions of a Semilinear Heat Equation with
Nonlocal Singularity
Keng Deng

Existence and Bifurcation of Viscous Profiles for All Intermediate
Magnetohydrodynamic Shock Waves
H. Freistuhler and P. Szmolyan

Time Like Trace Regularity of the Wave Equation with a Nonsmooth
Principal Part
Gang Bao and William W. Symes

Uniform Strict Convexity of a Cost Functional for Three-Dimensional
Inverse Scattering Problem
Michael V. Klibanov and Olga V. Ioussoupova

Multiplicity Results for Two Classes of Boundary-Value Problems
Philip Korman and Tiancheng Ouyang

Bananas and Banana Splits: A Parametric Degeneracy in the Hopf
Bifurcation for Maps
Bruce B. Peckham, Christos E. Frouzakis, and Ioannis G. Kevrekidis

Trace Formulas and the Behaviour of Large Eigenvalues
Vassilis G. Papanicolaou

Necessary and Sufficient Conditions for Mean Convergence of
Lagrange Interpolation for Freud Weights
D. S. Lubinsky and D. M. Matjila


End of NA Digest