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From: Mariano Gasca <>
Date: Wed, 14 Dec 1994 18:46:27 UTC+0100
Subject: Honorary Degree for Charles A. Micchelli

In recognition of his outstanding work in Approximation Theory and its
Applications, and for his cooperation with the Depart. of Applied Mathematics
of the University of Zaragoza, Dr. Charles A. Micchelli was granted the title
of Doctor Honoris Causa at this University. The ceremony took place in the
Paraninfo of the University of Zaragoza, Spain, on Tuesday, December 13, 1994.

Mariano Gasca, University of Zaragoza.


From: Markus Hegland <>
Date: Mon, 12 Dec 1994 10:35:04 +1100 (EST)
Subject: Change of Address for M. Hegland

Please note my new address:

Markus Hegland
Computer Science Laboratory
Research School of Information Sciences and Engineering
Australian National University

Phone: + 61 (0)6 249 3011
Fax: + 61 (0)6 249 4812


From: Youcef Kelanemer <>
Date: Thu, 15 Dec 1994 18:15:48 --100
Subject: Seeking Post-doctoral Position

Dear colleagues:

I am very interested in a position or a post-doctoral position in a
applied mathematics or applied physics Department.
I finished my PhD thesis in last march (1994) at the university
of Paris-XI Orsay, France.
I am working in numerical analysis of the Heat and Mass Transfers in
Porous media. I have established a model of two equations for the pressure
of water and the temperature. To discretize the system, I make use several
numerical methods, Finite Element and a Mixed Finite Element methods
and a Modified Method of Characteristics. I am also interested in
soil-building energy exchange.
I have a very good experience in computer programming using
Fortran language and a good working experience in Pascal, C and Mathematica.
I have worked on parallel and vectoriel machines, SUN and other workstations.
I have a good experience in programming several numerical methods
such as Finite element, Mixed Finite element, Modified Method of Caracteristics
and Finite difference method.
My knowledges in the physical phenomena of porous media are very
I would very much appreciate an opportunity to work in a applied
mathematics or applied physics Department.

Youcef Kelanemer
Laboratoire d'Analyse Num\'erique
Universit\'e Paris-Sud (B\^at. 425)
91405 Orsay Cedex France
Tel : 33 (1) 69 41 69 22
Fax : 33 (1) 69 41 67 18
e-mail :


From: Toby Driscoll <>
Date: Fri, 16 Dec 1994 11:37:06 -0500
Subject: Eigenmodes of Isospectral Drums

"Can one hear the shape of a drum?" Mark Kac first asked this
question, referring to the inverse problem of deducing a
two-dimensional membrane's shape based on the Dirichlet eigenvalues of
the Laplacian on the membrane. In 1991, mathematicians Gordon, Webb,
and Wolpert answered the question with a resounding "No!" Their
simplest counterexample was a pair of eight-sided polygons having
provably identical eigenvalues. The eigenvalues themselves, however,
could not easily be calculated.

Using a method due to Descloux and Tolley, I have computed the first
16 eigenvalues and eigenfunctions for the polygons to about six
digits. To see my pictures of the eigenmodes and sample animations of
the drums' vibrations, use a Web browser to access the URL:

Tobin A. Driscoll
Center for Applied Math
657 Theory Center, Cornell University
Ithaca, NY 14853 (607) 255-8272


From: A. Preusser <preusser@FHI-Berlin.MPG.DE>
Date: Fri, 16 Dec 1994 15:26:27 EST
Subject: Contouring Program for X11 and Postscript Available

"xfarbe" is a contouring program for iso-lines with the
following characteristics:

- high quality nonlinear interpolation with
bicubics on a rectangular grid
- area filling capability
- X- and Postscript output
- Customization with resource file
- Interactive labeling of contour lines
- Interactive data probing for value and derivatives
- Placing of symbols according to information
read from a file
- Exact location of extrema and saddle points (NEW)
- Computation of profiles

A new version of xfarbe is available from netlib.
Ftp to one of the netlib sites, e.g.
or and switch to directory netlib/
graphics. Get file xfarbe.taz.uu.Z. This is a
compressed, uuencoded, compressed tar-file of 0.3 Mbyte
(sorry for the second compression).

It it designed for both: Interactive viewing and analyzing during
computations, and the presentation of the final results.

Copyright (C) A.PREUSSER, Fritz-Haber-Institut der MPG, Berlin

The numerical kernel is based on:
Algorithm 671 - FARB-E-2D: Fill Area with Bicubics
on Rectangles - A Contour Plot Program.
ACM Transactions on Mathematical Software, Vol. 15,
No. 1, March 1989, p. 79-89.

To install:
uudecode xfarbe.taz.uu
uncompress xfarbe.tar.Z
tar xvf xfarbe.tar
cd xfarbe-2.1

If you do not have xmkmf an alternate makefile is supplied. The
Athena widget set is required.

Please send comments, suggestions, bugs to



From: C. B. Vreugdenhil <>
Date: Fri, 16 Dec 1994 10:22:06 +0100
Subject: Euler Equations on a Rotating Ring

Euler equations on a rotating disk

For astrophysical applications we are looking for a code which would solve
the 2-d Euler equations on a rotating ring (disk with a hole in it). Does
anybody have a code available which could beused for this purpose and which
would allow astrophysically-specific modifications to be included?

Please mail to

University of Utrecht, The Netherlands

Institute for Marine and Atmospheric Research Utrecht (IMAU)
Princetonplein 5
3584 CC Utrecht
The Netherlands
phone +31 30 533167
fax +31 30 543163


From: Donna Dilisi <>
Date: Mon, 12 Dec 94 15:36:43 EST
Subject: Travel Support Available for ICIAM 95

Travel Support Available for ICIAM 95

SIAM is administering a travel grant program for ICIAM 95---
the third International Congress on Industrial and Applied
Mathematics---to be held in Hamburg, Germany, July 3--7. The grants,
which are funded by the National Science Foundation and the
Department of Energy, will provide partial travel support to
qualified applicants.

The awards are intended primarily for young researchers and graduate
students; women and minorities are especially encouraged to apply.
Awards will be based on merit. Preference will be given to
participants in the ICIAM 95 program and to applicants who do not
have other travel support for the meeting.

Typical anticipated awards will range from $800 to $1000. Travel
costs will be reimbursed up to the amount of the award on submission
of a signed travel expense form to SIAM.

Additional information and application forms can be accessed through
the SIAM home page on the World Wide Web ( or
the SIAM gopher server ( Application materials can
also be obtained from the SIAM office (ICIAM 95 Coordinator, SIAM,
3600 University City Science Center, Philadelphia, PA 19104-2688;
215-382-9800; 215-386-7999 (fax);
The cutoff date for applications is March 15, and final decisions
will be made no later than April 15. Early submission of
applications is encouraged; whenever possible, SIAM will make
decisions and notify applicants as the applications are received.


From: Trini Flores <>
Date: Wed, 14 Dec 94 11:06:08 EST
Subject: SIAM Dates to Remember


January 22-24, 1995 Sixth ACM-SIAM Symposium on Discrete Algorithms
(SODA) San Francisco, California
January 4, 1995: Deadline for hotel reservation
Hotel Nikko, tel. 415-394-1111.
January 9, 1995: Deadline for advance registration.

February 8-10, 1995 Third SIAM Conference on Mathematical and
Computational Issues in the Geosciences
San Antonio, Texas
January 9, 1995: Deadline for hotel reservation
St. Anthony Hotel, tel. 210-227-4392
January 25, 1995: Deadline for advance registration.

February 11, 1995 SIAM Short Course on Software Algorithms for Parallel
Scientific Computing, San Antonio, Texas
January 9, 1995: Deadline for hotel reservation
St. Anthony Hotel, tel. 210-227-4392
January 25, 1995: Deadline for advance registration.

February 14, 1995 SIAM Short Courses on Message Passing Using MPI,
and HPF in Practice, San Francisco, California
January 30, 1995: Deadline for hotel reservation
Hotel Nikko, tel. 415-394-1111
January 30, 1995: Deadline for advance registrations.

February 15-17, 1995 Seventh SIAM Conference on Parallel Processing for
Scientific Computing, San Francisco, California
January 30, 1995: Deadline for hotel reservation
Hotel Nikko, tel. 415-394-1111
January 30, 1995: Deadline for advance registration.

For further information, contact the SIAM conference
department via e-mail:
or point your Gopher client to:


From: Dale Strok <>
Date: Wed, 14 Dec 94 12:13:00 EST
Subject: IEEE Computational Science & Engineering

Call for Articles and Cover Images

IEEE Computational Science & Engineering is a quarterly peer-reviewed
magazine begun in 1994 and published by the 100,000-member IEEE Computer
Society. CS&E's founders were concerned that vital computational work was
being hindered by lack of communication and traditional disciplinary
barriers. They recognized that the field of computational science and
engineering, or CSE, was ready for its own forum and a sense of direction.
The Society is breaking new ground by publishing a magazine that must, by
definition, reach outside its own membership and give others a voice.

The magazine is guided by a distinguished editorial board:
Editor-In-Chief: Ahmed Sameh, University of Minnesota
Associate Editor-In-Chief: Francis Sullivan, Supercomputing Research Ctr.
Astronomy: William Press, Harvard Univ.
Comp. Biology: Jacob Maizel Jr., Nat'l Cancer Inst.
Comp. Chemistry: Donald Truhlar, Univ. of Minnesota
Comp. Electromagnetics: Charles Holland, Air Force Ofc. of Sci. Res.;
Edmund Miller, Ohio University
Comp. Electronics: David Ferry, Ariz. St. Univ.; Karl Hess, Univ. of Ill.
Comp. Fluid Dynamics: Tayfun Tezduyar, Univ. of Minnesota
Comp. Materials Science: Adam Wheeler, Univ. of Bristol
Comp. Physics: Malvin Kalos, Cornell Theory Ctr.
Comp. Structures Technology: Ahmed Noor, NASA Langley Research Ctr.
Comp. Systems & Performance: John Riganati, David Sarnoff Res. Ctr.
Geometric Modeling: David Dobkin, Princeton Univ.
Member at Large: Bruce Shriver
Numerical Algorithms: Efstratios Gallopoulos, Univ. of Illinois
Optimization: Margaret Wright, AT&T Bell Laboratories
Parallel Computing: Dianne O'Leary, Univ. of Maryland
Problem-Solving Environments: John Rice, Purdue Univ.
Scientific Visualization: Paul Woodward, Army High Perf. Comp. Res. Ctr.
Signal & Image Processing: George Cybenko, Dartmouth College
Symbolic Computing: S. Kamal Abdali, Nat'l Science Foundation
Theme Issues: Eric Grosse, AT&T Bell Laboratories
Weather & Ocean Modeling: Bill Buzbee, Nat'l Ctr. for Atmospheric Res.

Book News & Reviews: Efstratios Gallopoulos, Univ. of Illinois
Conferences & Workshops: Richard Draper, Supercomputing Research Ctr.
CSE in Europe: William Jalby, Univ. of Versailles;
Harry Wijshoff, Leiden Univ.
CSE in Asia: David Kahaner, US Ofc. of Naval Research, Asia
Educational Programs in CSE: Alvin Thaler, Nat'l Science Foundation
Focus on CSE: Robert Voigt, Nat'l Science Foundation
Product News & Reviews: Michael Berry, Univ. of Tennessee, Knoxville

Though electrical engineers, physicists, chemists, and others have specialized
research journals on the computational aspects of their disciplines, IEEE
CS&E covers a broad range of topics, emphasizing the common techniques and
practical lessons that are portable from one area of CSE to another. The
magazine's staff carefully edits technical articles for readability and to
cut subject-specific jargon. Full-color illustrations show science in detailed

Regular departments include conference and workshop reports, book reviews and
listings, reports on new computational software and hardware for all sizes of
platforms, ongoing explanations of the "alphabet soup" of government-supported
computational efforts, news shorts, editorials, discussion of the growing
arena of formal educational programs in CSE, and in-depth looks at centers and
labs where exciting computational work is going on. The cover of each issue,
chosen competitively, shows a striking visual image and intriguing
computational science, and is explained in a 2-page story.

For further information and submission guidelines, contact:
Ms. Dale C. Strok
managing editor
IEEE Computational Science & Engineering
10662 Los Vaqueros Circle, PO Box 3014, Los Alamitos, CA 90720-1264
phone (714) 821-8380, fax (714) 821-4010, Internet


From: Panos Pardalos <>
Date: Tue, 13 Dec 1994 16:21:32 -0500
Subject: New Book, Handbook of Global Optimization

Title: Handbook of Global Optimization / edited by Reiner Horst
and Panos M. Pardalos.
Series Name: Nonconvex optimization and its applications ; vol. 2
Publication Info: Dordrecht ; Boston : Kluwer Academic Publishers, 1995.
ISBN: 0792331206

Global optimization is concerned with the computation and characterization
of global optima of nonlinear functions. During the past three decades the
field of Global Optimization has been growing at a rapid pace, and the number
of publications on all aspects of global optimization has been increasing
steadily. Many applications, new theoretical, algorithmic, and computational
contributions have resulted.

The ``Handbook of Global Optimization'' is the first comprehensive book that
covers recent developments in global optimization. Each contribution in the
Handbook is essentially expository in nature, but of scholarly treatment.
The chapters cover optimality conditions, complexity results, concave
minimization, DC programming, general quadratic programming, nonlinear
complementarity, minimax problems, multiplicative programming, Lipschitz
optimization, fractional programming, network problems, trajectory methods,
homotopy methods, interval methods, and stochastic approaches.

The Handbook of Global Optimization is addressed to researchers
of mathematical programming, as well as scientists who use optimization
methods to model and solve problems.


From: H. Tong <>
Date: Sat, 17 Dec 1994 16:04:30 -0500
Subject: New Book, A Numerical Library in C

There is a new book:
(ISBN: 0-8493-7376-X)
Published by:
CRC Press, Inc.
2000 Corporate Blvd., N.W.
Boca Raton, Florida 33431-9868
Telephone: (407)-994-0555
Toll Free in USA: (800)-272-7737
This book contains an extensive coverage
of computer programs in numerical computing,
with several hundred procedures including areas in:
linear algebra
ordinary and partial differential equations
(stiff and nonstiff systems)
parameter estimation
special functions in mathematical physics.
A diskette is enclosed with all the source code.


From: Maurice Cox <>
Date: Wed, 14 Dec 94 09:22:25 GMT
Subject: Conference on Mathematical Tools in Metrology

CNR - Istituto di Metrologia "E. Colonnetti", Torino, Italy
National Physical Laboratory, Teddington, UK

First Announcement
Advanced Mathematical Tools in Metrology
27-30 September 1995, Lady Margaret Hall, Oxford, UK

The conference is the first in a Euroconferences Series on the theme. Its
aims are to present and promote recent and current applications of
mathematical modelling and analysis, statistics, numerical methods and
software to metrology--measurement science.

Emphasis will be placed on the benefits that mathematical tools can bring
to problems facing researchers and practitioners of metrology. Tutorial
sessions in key areas of mathematics will support the applications talks.

A previous meeting on the subject, in Torino in September 1993, led to
improved communication between several organizations and acted as a
catalyst for developing a number of international collaborations.

Metrologists will benefit from formal and informal opportunities to discuss
problems. Mathematicians will gain from obtaining an increased awareness
of a range of metrological disciplines and identifying common areas for
mathematical application. Important themes will be realistic statistical
uncertainty estimation and quality management systems.

Support for a number of young European researchers is available.

FURTHER DETAILS are available from the address below.

CALL FOR PAPERS. There are opportunities for a limited number of
unsolicited papers. Abstracts of at most 300 words should be submitted to
the address below no later than 28 February 1995 by e-mail, fax, or
conventional mail. Latex source is encouraged. Indicate your full name,
organization, address, telephone and fax numbers and e-mail address.

It is intended that the proceedings will be published.

Professor Maurice G Cox
Chairman, International Organizing Committee
1995 Euroconference on Advanced Mathematical Tools in Metrology
Division of Information Technology and Computing
National Physical Laboratory
Teddington Telephone: +44 (0)181 943 6096 (direct)
Middlesex +44 (0)181 943 7002 (office)
TW11 OLW Fax: +44 (0)181 977 7091
UK E-mail:


From: Siamak Hassanzadeh <siamak@fuzzy.Corp.Sun.COM>
Date: Wed, 14 Dec 1994 16:13:43 +0800
Subject: Conference on Math Methods in Geophysical Imaging

Mathematical Methods in Geophysical Imaging III
Part of SPIE's International Symposium, 9-14 July 1995, San Diego, CA

Imaging the earth's interior is an area of enormous importance with a
multitude of applications. It is an area of intense research activity,
at the crossroads of geosciences, mathematics, and computational
science. The purpose of this conference is to provide a forum for the
discussion of new ideas and trends in this area. The focus will be
on the mathematical issues of imaging in the geosciences.

We are thus soliciting papers on significant new research and experience
in all areas of geoscientific imaging. Topics to be covered will include,
but are not limited to:

- seismic inversion
- migration
- geophysical tomography
- reservoir characterization
- current computational techniques.

Conference chair:
Siamak Hassanzadeh
Sun Microsystems Computer Corp.

Program Committee

Jack Cohen
Center for Wave Phenomena
Colorado School of Mines

Maarten V. de Hoop
Schlumberger Cambridge Research
Cambridge, U.K.

Douglas Foster
Mobil Exploration and Producing Co.

Chuck Mosher
ARCO Exploration and Production

Gerard Schutser
Univ. of Utah

D.-J. Smit
Shell Research BV
Rijswijk, Netherland

William Symes
Department of Mathematical Sciences
Rice University

ABSTRACT DUE DATE: 1 January 1995
Manuscript due date: 12 June 1995
Send an abstract via email in ASCII format to:
or fax one to SPIE at 206-647-1445.


From: Nick Higham <>
Date: Thu, 15 Dec 94 10:06:08 GMT
Subject: Deadline for Manchester 1995 IMA Linear Algebra Conf.

This is a reminder that the deadline for abstracts for the
conference on Linear Algebra and Its Applications (Manchester, July
10-12, 1995) is December 31, 1994.

The second call for papers was broadcast in NA-Digest Volume 94, Issue 39,
and is available from the URL

There is now a Web page for the conference, containing links to
invited speakers and local information.
Point your Web browser at the URL

Nick Higham


From: Carol Weintraub <>
Date: Thu, 15 Dec 1994 13:06:50 +0200
Subject: Conference on Multiscale Phenomena

February 20--24, 1995
Neptune Hotel -- Eilat, Israel

Workshop Committee:
Achi Brandt, (organizer) Weizmann Institute, Rehovot, Israel
Gerhard Mack, Hamburg University, Germany
Sorin Solomon, Hebrew University, Jerusalem, Israel

* Scientific background

The nature of the interactions between different scales of
phenomena in a complex system has recently become the focus of
interest in an increasingly wider range of scientific fields.
This interest originated independently in theoretical physics
and in computational mathematics.

The purpose of the Eilat workshop is to bring together different
communities of researchers interested in the methodology, derivation,
exploitation, and philosophical implications of multiscale interactions.

The participants include theoretical physicists and computational
mathematicians. The physicists are mainly from the field theory and
statistical mechanics communities, especially in the theoretical and/or
simulation aspects of renormalization group, criticality and universality.
Many of them manifested lately a growing interest in the more general
theory of dynamical and complex phenomena and/or in their computational
aspects. The participating mathematicians will represent several research
communities which have adopted different versions of multiscale scientific
computation: multigrid, multipole, hierarchical bases, wavelets, and other

* Further information and forms

Further information about the workshop scientific background,
organization and location, including details on travel, climate, prices
and tours, with registration and accommodation forms, can be obtained

1. anonymous ftp:
a) ftp
b) userid: [userid = anonymous]
c) pw: [type minus sign with your userid@your_node_site
d) cd /pub/carol [to get into public access directory]
e) ls [to see list of file names]
f) binary
g) get [to get info file placed into your home directory]
h) get [to get registration forms " " " " "]
i) quit [to exit anonymous ftp sesion]

2. Secretary:
Carol Weintraub
Dept. of Applied Mathematics & Computer Science
Weizmann Institute of Science
Rehovot 76100, Israel
Tel: 972-8-343545
Fax: 972-8-344122


From: Martin Reed <>
Date: Thu, 15 Dec 1994 18:38:22 +0000 (GMT)
Subject: Postgrad N.A. Symposium at Brunel University

Room LC262 (Lecture Centre, 2nd floor)
Friday, 13th January 1995

Chris Ross (Brunel): "Boundary element solution of the
impedance boundary value problem for the Helmholtz
equation in a half-plane."

Udo Herges (Brunel): "A new finite difference method
applied to the Sal'nikov thermokinetic oscillator problem."

Chris Smith (Reading): "Semi-Lagrange methods."

Bryan Davidson (Bristol): "Recursive projection and
preconditioned iterative methods."

Nick Wash (Oxford): "Upwind iteration techniques for the
cell-vertex finite volume method."

Lyon Lanerolle (Oxford): "Numerical aspects of the
$k-\epsilon$ turbulence model."

All welcome; please let us know if you intend to attend, so that we can
estimate numbers needing refreshments.

Enquiries: Dr. M. B. Reed (tel. ext. 2145,
Dr. S. N. Chandler-Wilde (tel. ext. 2283,

Dept. of Mathematics & Statistics, Brunel University,
Uxbridge, Middx. (Tel: (01895) 274000. Fax: (01895) 203303)


From: D. F. Griffiths <>
Date: Fri, 16 Dec 94 12:23:15 GMT
Subject: Dundee NA Conference


University of Dundee, Scotland, UK
27-30th June 1995

Deadline for submission of abstracts: May 20, 1995
Deadline for registrations: June 3, 1995.

The conference will be preceded on Monday, 26th June by talks from
candidates shortlisted for the Leslie Fox Prize.

Information is available to www users through the URL

through which it is also possible to register online.

Information is available to ftp users at the site

in the directory pub/na-conf. The directory pub/na-reports
also holds a list of Dundee Numerical Analysis Reports since

Dr D F Griffiths
Biennial Conference on Numerical Analysis
Department of Mathematics and Computer Science
The University, Dundee, DD1 4HN
Scotland, UK

Tel: +44 (382) 344467 e-mail:
FAX: +44 (382) 345516 or:


From: Steven Leon <>
Date: Fri, 16 Dec 1994 15:53:51 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: ATLAST 1995 Workshops

ATLAST 1995 Linear Algebra Workshops

ATLAST is an NSF Project to Augment the Teaching Linear Algebra
through the use of Software Tools. The project will offer two
faculty workshops on the use of software in teaching linear algebra
during the summer of 1995. Workshop participants will learn about
existing commercial linear algebra software packages and will be
trained in the use of the MATLAB software package. Attendees will
learn how to effectively incorporate computer exercises and
laboratories into undergraduate linear algebra courses.

Participants will work with exercises from the forthcoming ATLAST
Book and will be expected to design additional computing exercises at
a level suitable for assigning to an undergraduate linear algebra class.
These exercises will be class tested during the school year following
the workshop and then submitted to the project director for inclusion
in the ATLAST database. Some of these exercises will either be included in
later editions of the ATLAST book or made available to the general
public through the Mathematics Archives at the University of Tennessee,

The project was conceived by the Education Committee of the International
Linear Algebra Society (ILAS). Steven J. Leon of the ILAS Education
Committee is serving as the ATLAST Project Director and the Assistant
Director is Richard Faulkenberry. Both are in the Mathematics Department
of the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth. The ATLAST project is
funded by a National Science Foundation Faculty Enhancement grant.

This is the fourth year of ATLAST workshops. Past workshops have been a
rousing success. We are confident that the '95 workshops will be even

Summer 1995 ATLAST Workshops

Workshop site: Seattle University, Seattle, Washington
Workshop dates: June 21-24, 1995
Workshop Presenter: Dr. Jane Day, San Jose State University

Workshop site: College of William and Mary, Williamsburg, Virginia
Workshop dates: July 19-22, 1995
Workshop Presenter: Dr. David Hill, Temple University

All teachers of undergraduate linear algebra courses at colleges or
universities in the USA are invited to apply for the ATLAST workshops.
The deadline for applications is March 20, 1995. Late applications
will be accepted on a space available basis. Each workshop will be
limited to thirty participants. The ATLAST Project provides room
and board for all participants accepted. A screening committee will
review applications and notify applicants of its decisions early in
April. For further information and application forms contact:

Steven Leon
ATLAST Project Director
Department of Mathematics
University of Massachusetts Dartmouth
North Dartmouth, MA 02747
Telephone: (508) 999-8320
FAX: (508) 999-8901


From: Robert van de Geijn <>
Date: Sat, 17 Dec 1994 08:09:45 -0600
Subject: Graduate Study in CAM at UT-Austin


We invite outstanding prospective graduate students interested in
computational and applied mathematics to apply to the computational
and applied mathematics program at UT-Austin. Graduate students in
CAM may enter the program from any relevant degree program in Computer
Sciences, Mathematics, Physics, Engineering, or other physical
science. Qualified applicants meet or exceed the following
requirements: GPA: 3.67, GRE: 1400, and TOEFL: 550.

Financial Aid: UT-Austin and College fellowships are awarded to
students on a competitive basis. Research assistantships are
available through faculty research grants. Teaching assistantships
are available in the participating departments. A $3 million
endowment supports the CAM Graduate Fellowship Fund for
U.S. citizents. Up to 12 such fellowships are awarded solely on the
basis of merit and carry a stipend of at least $25,000 per year.

More information is available from the following (temporary) WWW cite:
Alternatively, send e-mail to
or contact
Graduate Coordinator
Computational and Applied Mathematics Graduate Program
The University of Texas at Austin
Austin, TX 78712
Phone: (512) 471-3312, Fax: (512) 471-8694


From: Chris Johnson <>
Date: Mon, 12 Dec 1994 14:27:20 -0700
Subject: Position at the University of Utah

Faculty Position at the University of Utah

Applications are invited for a tenure-track position at either the
junior or senior level in the Department of Computer Science at the
University of Utah. The research areas of particular interest are
Computer Graphics and Compilers, but outstanding candidates in
other areas will be considered. Commensurate with the department's
high national ranking and existing high-quality research program, a
record of excellence in research and a strong commitment to teaching
are required. Applicants should have or expect to receive an earned
doctorate, or equivalent, in Computer Science or a closely related
field by September 1995. The position is available starting
September 1995. Send Curriculum Vitae and names and addresses of
at least three references to: Faculty Recruiting Committee, c/o
Shawn W. Darby, Department of Computer Science, 3190 MEB, University
of Utah, Salt Lake City, UT 84112. Application deadline is
April 15, 1995. The University of Utah is an Equal Opportunity,
Affirmative Action Employer and encourages nominations and
applications from women and minorities, and provides reasonable
accommodation to the know disabilities of applicants and employees.


From: Brent Lindquist <>
Date: Wed, 14 Dec 94 16:42:20 EST
Subject: Position at SUNY Stony Brook

State University of New York at Stony Brook
Department of Applied Mathematics and Statistics

The department expects to have postdoctoral positions in computational
applied mathematics available for the 1995-96 academic year.
Qualified candidates should have computational experience in one
or more areas of: fluid dynamics, parallel computing, hyperbolic
conservation laws, flows in elastic and plastic media, and flows in
porous media.

Applicants should send vita, descriptions of research interests, and
three recommendation letters to: James Glimm, Chair, Department of
Applied Mathematics and Statistics, SUNY at Stony Brook, Stony Brook,
NY 11794-3600.

SUNY at Stony Brook is an equal opportunity/affirmative action
employer and educator and encourages applications from women and


From: Richard Sincovec <sincovec@sirius.EPM.ORNL.GOV>
Date: Fri, 16 Dec 94 12:01:51 -0500
Subject: Position at Oak Ridge National Laboratory

Mathematical Sciences Section Head
Oak Ridge National Laboratory

Manage and otherwise be fully responsible for research and development
activities and for facilities operated by the section and section
personnel consisting of six research groups (algorithms, computer
science, mathematics, networking, statistics, and visual and
information sciences) and approximately 50 staff.

The Section Head is expected to actively participate in some of the
research programs of the section; to maintain high standards of
excellence, fiscal responsibility, and quality personnel; to promote a
spirit of innovation and and teamwork within the section as well as
with other organizations; to be responsible for the technical
excellence of all work done in the section, for assessment of the
section's professional status, for developing long-range strategic
plans to maintain excellence and competitiveness, for maintaining and
promoting external scientific and professional involvements, and for
hiring and retaining outstanding staff.

Position requires a PhD in Applied Mathematics or Computer Science or
equivalent, a substantial record of research and professional
accomplishments, prior experience in management and leadership
positions, and must have excellent human relations skills.

Interested applicants should send a current resume and cover letter to
R. F. Sincovec, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Building 6012, MS 6367,
Oak Ridge, TN 37831-6367. Telephone: (615)574-3125. E-mail:


From: R. G. Anisko <>
Date: Fri, 16 Dec 94 14:20:23 EST
Subject: Position at Bettis Atomic Power Laboratory

We have a position at Bettis for a creative mathematician or numerical
analyst with a strong potential and a strong background in computational
methods (Iterative Methods) for very large linear and non-linear systems.
The candidate should have experience in preconditioned conjugate gradient
methods, multigrid methods, or domain decomposition methods. The candidate
should also be able to interact well with others and will participate in
developing and applying state-of-the-art methods for effective solution of
large problems on advanced computer architectures.

We currently have state-of-the-art supercomputers and are investigating
the next generation.

The Mathematics Section at Bettis currently has two numerical analysts
and over 40 programers, some with Ph.D.'s. The position is for a
numerical analyst with a PH.D. Our numerical analysts provide mathematical
consultation and needed support to our programing groups and to various
engineers and scientists in the Laboratory. They also develop numerical
methods and computational algorithms to solve practical problems in
the nuclear, structural, fluid flow and other areas. We are looking for the
best recent Ph.D. we can find who would match these needs.

Bettis is a national laboratory operated by Westinghouse for the U.S.
Department of Energy. We are 10 miles from downtown Pittsburgh, PA.
Bettis is an equal opportunity employer.

U.S. Citizenship is required.

The potential candidate may call Bob Anisko (800-296-5002 ext. 5723).
Please send or Fax resume (FAX 412-476-6466) to the following address:

Bettis Atomic Power Laboratoy
P. O. Box 79, ZAP 22A
W. Mifflin, PA 15122-0079


From: Panos Pardalos <>
Date: Mon, 12 Dec 1994 16:18:24 -0500
Subject: Contents, Journal of Global Optimization

Table of Contents
Vol. 5 No. 4 (Dec. 1994)

O. L. MANGASARIAN / Misclassification Minimization

A. T. PHILLIPS and J. B. ROSEN / Computational Comparison of
Two Methods for Constrained Global Optimization

REINER HORST and NGUYEN VAN THOAI / Constraint Decomposition
Algorithms in Global Optimization

M. M. ALI and C. STOREY / Topographical Multilevel Single

HELMUT DIETRICH / Global Optimization Conditions for Certain
Nonconvex Minimization Problems

MARLIES BORCHARDT and OLAF ENGEL / A Counterexample to a
Global Optimization Algorithm

Maximum Likelihood Estimators for the Three-Parameter Weibull

NGUYEN V. THOAI / On the Construction of Test Problems for
Concave Minimization Algorithms

Book Reviews
P.M. PARDALOS / Complexity in Numerical of Optimization


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