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The Parameter IFLAG

IFLAG general return codes
0 normal return
25 wrong input data structure
1 zero pivot in sparse factorization
2 Newton method line search failed
5 solution zero; cannot compute error estimate
6 illegal problem type
7 continuation procedure failed
10 multigraph iteration failed to converge
11 Newton (Newton/DD) iteration failed to converge
24 Error on one or more MPI processes
48 MPI was off for a command needing MPI
49 NPROC > NTF in load balance
71 no interface unknowns in DD solver
72 IPATH array not created
IFLAG storage errors
82 storage exhausted in array IPATH
83 storage exhausted in arrays ITNODE and ITDOF
84 storage exhausted in arrays VX and VY
85 storage exhausted in array GF
86 storage exhausted in arrays IBNDRY and SF
IFLAG data errors for triangulation
−31 illegal ITNODE(K,*) K=1,2,3
−32 overlapping triangles in ITNODE
IFLAG data errors for triangulation and skeleton
−40 illegal value for NVF, NTF, or NBF
−41 illegal IBNDRY(K,*) K=1,2
−42 illegal IBNDRY(3,*)
−43 illegal IBNDRY(4,*)
−44 incorrect circle center coordinates
−45 arc greater than π/2 in length
−46 error in linked edges
−47 boundary vertex without two boundary edges
−48 ITNODE and IBNDRY are not consistent
IFLAG data errors for skeleton
−51 illegal ITNODE(1,*)
−52 illegal ITNODE(2,*)
−53 skeleton tracing error
−54 region specified in clockwise order
−55 illegal ITNODE(3,*)