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IP Array

The parameters marked "u" should be supplied by the user.
1 NTF unumber of triangles / regions
2 NVF unumber of vertices
3 NBF unumber of edges
4 NDF unumber of degrees of freedom
5 IFIRSTuinitialization switch
6 IPROB uproblem type
7 ITASK uproblem task
8 ISPD usymmetric / nonsymmetric switch
9 METHODupreconditioner options
10 MXCG umaximum conjugate gradient iterations
11 MXNWTTumaximum damped Newton iterations
12 ISING uswitch for singular Neumann problem
13 NRL unumber of parameters λ
17 IRTYPEurefinement / coarsening options
18 MXORD umaximum polynomial degree
19 IERRSWuerror recovery switch
20 IADAPTumesh generation option switch
21 IREFN uuniform refinement control
22 NDTRGTutarget value for number of vertices
23 NOCHNGuPLTMG-TRIGEN communication flag
24 MFLAG uparallel error flag
25 IFLAG error flag
27 NEWNTFnumber of elements owned by processor
28 NEWNVFnumber of vertices owned by processor
29 NEWNBFnumber of edges owned by processor
30 NEWNDFnumber of degrees of freedom owned by processor
31 NVV number of interface vertices
32 NBB number of interface edges
33 NDD number of interface degrees of freedom
34 NVI number of coarse interface vertices
35 NBI number of coarse interface edges
36 NDI number of coarse degrees of freedom
37 NTG global number of elements
38 NVG global number of vertices
39 NBG global number of edges
40 NDG global number of degrees of freedom
42 MODE uATEST mode switch
43 WEBPRTucommunications socket for WEBGUI
47 MPIRGNuregion for file read/write and graphics
48 MPISW uMPI switch
49 NPROC number of processes
50 IRGN individual process number
51 MXCOLRumaximum number of colors
52 IFUN ualternate function switch for TRIPLT
53 INPLSWualternate graph switch for INPLT
54 IGRSW ualternate graph switch for GPHPLT
55 NCON unumber of contours
56 ICONT ucontinuity switch
57 ISCALEuscale option switch
58 LINES uline drawing option switch
59 NUMBRSunumbering option switch
60 NX u
61 NY u(NX,NY,NZ)
62 NZ uis the viewing perspective for TRIPLT
63 MX u
64 MY u(MX,MY,MZ)
65 MZ uis the viewing perspective for GPHPLT
66 ICRSN ugraphics coarsening switch
67 ITRGT utarget size of graphics mesh
68 IDEVCEugraphics device switch
69 FPANE uWEBGUI canvas for TRIPLT
70 GPANE uWEBGUI canvas for GPHPLT
71 JPANE uWEBGUI canvas for INPLT
73 MXLABL maximum label for MPI interface edges
74 NVDD total number of interface vertices
75 LIPATHlength of IPATH array
76 NEF number of error functions
77 NGF number of grid functions
78 NDL order of error recovery systems
79 IEVALSnumber of function evaluations on last call
80 ITNUM number of Newton iterations on last call
82 MAXPTHunumber of columns in the array IPATH
83 MAXT unumber of columns in the array ITNODE
84 MAXV ulength of the arrays VX and VY
85 MAXD ulength of grid function array GF
86 MAXB unumber of columns in the array IBNDRY
90 NDF order of the linear system
91 NB number of blocks in the linear system
92 LENJA length of JA array
93 LENAD length of diagonal part A array
94 LENAOD length of upper / lower triangular A array
95 LENJU maximum length of JU array
96 LENUOD maximum length of upper / lower triangular U array
97 LENJU0 length of JU array
98 LENU0 length of U array
99 LENJA0 length of JA for HB decomposition
100 LENJUC length of JU for HB decomposition