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RP Array

The parameters marked "u" should be supplied by the user.
1 RLTRGT utarget value for λ
2 RTRGT utarget value for ρ(u,λ)
3 RMTRGT utarget value for μ
4 DTOL udrop tolerance for incomplete factorization
6 SMIN ulower limit for contour colors
7 SMAX uupper limit for contour colors
8 RMAG uwindow magnification factor
9 CENX u(CENX,CENY) are the window center coordinates
10 CENY u
12HMAX uapproximate largest element size
13GRADE ulargest growth factor for adjacent elements
14HMIN uapproximate smallest edge length
21 RL current value of λh
22 R current value of ρ(uhh)=ρh
23 RLDOT current value of · λh
24 RDOT current value of · ρh
25 SVAL current value of smallest singular value
26 RLSTRTstarting value for λh
27 RSTRT starting value for ρ(uhh)
31 RL0 previous value of λh
32 R0 previous value of ρ(uhh)=ρh
33 RL0DOTprevious value of · λh
34 R0DOT previous value of · ρh
35 SVAL0 previous value of smallest singular value
37 ENORM1estimate for || u−uh ||H1(Ω)
38 UNORM1the norm || uh ||H1(Ω)
39 ENORM2estimate for || u−uh ||L2(Ω)
40 UNORM2the norm || uh ||L2(Ω)
41 RELERPrelative size of solution error || eh ||H1(ΩI)/|| uh ||H1(ΩI)
42 EAVE2arithmetic average of || eh ||H1(t)2
52 STEP damping step s for Newton's method
53 RELER0relative size of solution error || eh ||H1(Ω)/|| uh ||H1(Ω)
54 RELERRrelative size of Newton update || δU ||/|| U ||
55 ANORM maximum diagonal entry in Jacobian matrix
56 RELRESthe relative residual || Gk ||/|| G0 ||
57 BRATIOthe relative residual || Gk ||/|| Gk−1 ||
58 DNEW the discrete inner product −〈GuδU,G〉
59 BNORM0 scaling factor || G0 ||
60 BMNRM0 scaling factor for ρ
63 RMU current value of interior point parameter μ
64 REG4 internal regularization parameter for IPROB=4
65 REG5 internal regularization parameter for IPROB=5
67 SCLEQNcurrent value of scalar equation N−σ
68 SCALE scaling factor for scalar equation
69 THETAL(2−θ)· λh in scalar equation
70 THETARθ· ρh in scalar equation
71 SIGMA the step σ for scalar equation
72 DELTA Newton update for λh
73 DRDRL the value of ∂ρ/∂λ
74 SEQDOTthe value of · N
76 QUAL target element quality
77 ANGMN target minimum angle
78 DIAM approximate diameter of Ω
79 BEST value of TRIGEN quality function
80 AREA area of Ω
82 N0 degrees of freedom for region ΩI
83 E0 error for region ΩI
84 NF global degrees of freedom
85 EF global error
91 RL1value of λ1
92 RL2value of λ2
93 RL3value of λ3
94 RL4value of λ4
95 RL5value of λ5
96 RL6value of λ6
97 RL7value of λ7
98 RL8value of λ8
99 RL9value of λ9
100RL10value of λ10